Calgary man facing sexual assault charges in connection with cases from over 30 years ago

Mar 13 2020, 5:13 pm

A Calgary man is being charged for incidents of alleged sexual assault from over 35 years ago.

73-year-old Anthony Kendall has been charged with one count each of gross indecency and sexual assault, according to a release from the Calgary Police Service, after two women reported incidents from the 1980s.

One woman, a relative of the accused, alleged that Kendall had touched her sexually while they were on a couch together in the summer of 1982. She had been just 12 years old at the time.

Another family member also came forward at the same time, reporting a similar incident from 1984, at which time she too was 12 years old.

A lengthy investigation followed, according to the release, resulting in the two charges being laid.

“The charges are based on the Criminal Code in effect at the time of the alleged offences, not today’s laws,” the release states.

There is no time restriction for how long police have to lay charges for sexual assault in Canada, and survivors are encouraged to contact police no matter when the incident occurred.

“While early reporting is always better as evidence gets lost over time, we do still investigate cases even if decades have passed,” CPS stated in the release.

Those who have been sexually assaulted can also go to the Sheldon M. Chumir Urgent Care Centre up to four days after the incident to receive confidential care and support, and to allow medical staff to collect physical evidence in the case that the survivor does want to report the assault.

The hospital will keep the evidence stored for up to a year, and anyone hoping to report a sexual assault is encouraged to call the Calgary Police Service’s non-emergency number of 403-266-1234.

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