14 Calgary-based Instagrammers you should be following (PHOTOS)

Jun 4 2020, 7:00 pm

If you go down your recent Instagram search history, chances are there’s an influencer or two (or ten) somewhere in there. We are all guilty of it.

What you may not know is that Calgary is chock-full of influencers and amazing Instagrammers that are known all around the world!

Check out this list of Instagram influencers who are totally killing it in Calgary to turn that feed into something special.

Ally — styledescapades


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A post shared by Alia | Pharmacist • Blogger (@styledescapades) on

Insta-theme: Travel, fashion, coffee

Why we love her: If you love travelling, Ally is definitely the person to be following. She goes on so many cool journeys and makes us feel like we are right there with her. While she’s likely not going on a trip any time soon, scrolling her feed is a great way to satiate that COVID-caused wanderlust. If you can’t tell just by one glance at her feed, she LOVES pink!

Cooking with Chow — cookingwithchow


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A post shared by Christina | Home Cook (@cookingwithchow) on

Insta-theme: Cooking, foodie, recipes

Why we love her: We love food just as much as you do, and that’s why we love Christina! Her recipes are not only healthy but also delicious and extremely good looking. Tip: Try literally any of her breakfast recipes; they are to die for!

Chineye Otakpro — queensplayground


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A post shared by Chinenye Otakpor | YYC (@queensplayground) on

Insta-theme: Street style

Why we love her: Chineye Otakpor. Cool name, even cooler feed. She’s definitely some #StreetStyleGoals. Every single outfit she wears is a million fire emojis, and then some. Down to the finest details, Chineye has got the style game on lock.

Sofia Fosado — sofiafosado


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A post shared by SOFIA FOSADO (@sofiafosado) on

Insta-theme: Style, foodie

Why we love her: From her bobby pins to her booties, not a single detail goes unaccounted for. If you’re a fashion lover and you don’t follow her, you have to ask yourself: What are you doing with your life? Not only is she an influencer, but she’s also the founder and editor of her own online publication.

Melanie Morais — bornlippystyle


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A post shared by MELANIE MORAIS (@bornlippystyle) on

Insta-theme: Style

Why we love her: Melanie is definitely on her way to becoming one of Calgary’s fashion icons. Her business-casual-turned-everyday style takes everyday basics to a new level. Follow her journey and definitely cop some of her looks.

Tasy Nicole — tasynicole


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A post shared by ☽. tasynicole ☼ (@tasynicole) on

Insta-theme: Empowerment, positivity, style, photography, astrology, beauty

Why we love her: Let’s face it, Tasy is STUNNING. She’s a lover of astrology, beauty, fashion, and telling other people’s stories through photos. She works at Kit and Ace during the day but moonlights as so many things.

Janelle and Pierre — lifewithpandj


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A post shared by Janelle | P | healthy living (@lifewithpandj) on

Insta-theme: Style, photography, interior design

Why we love her: Can you say #CoupleGoals? Janelle shares her daily life triumphs and struggles alongside her husband, Pierre.

Hala — xsabirhala


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A post shared by HALA 🎀 (@xsabirhala) on

Insta-theme: Style, photography, mommy tips and tricks

Why we love her: We’ve got another pink lover on the list. Hala is an accountant by day and super mom and wife by night. Her feed will definitely bring you baby fever, and it’ll totally give you some style envy.

Lucky Gill — crbeby


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A post shared by Lucky Gill 🌹 (@crbeby) on

Insta-theme: Makeup, style

Why we love her: She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s beating her own face. Before you raise an eyebrow, those in the KNOW know that “beating a face” is code for applying makeup. Lucky is a queen at the not-so-subtle looks and TBH, we’re here for it. Check out Lucky’s feed for the latest in makeup trends to try out!

Deborah — bvintagestyle

Insta-theme: Interior style, decoration

Why we love her: Deborah is our #DreamHouseGoals for sure. She’s built a following over the last couple of years documenting the renovation of her whopping 115-year-old home. When’s she’s not sawing, drilling, or sanding, Deborah is designing and selling her own brand of home decor.

Lindsay Peters — elle.peters


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A post shared by Lindsay Peters, BAID (@elle.peters) on

Insta-theme: Interior style, decoration

Why we love her: When she’s not being the world’s best mom, she’s a full-time interior decorator, and we can safely say she’s got some great style-sense. Check out and follow her page to turn your house into your dream home!

Michela Sheedy — michelasheedy


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A post shared by M I C H E L A S H E E D Y (@michelasheedy) on

Insta-theme: Music, local singer-songwriter

Why we love her: She’s a singer. She’s a songwriter. She’s the official anthem singer for the Calgary Flames. Is there anything she can’t do? Support your local artists and follow Michela! You can catch her performing her originals at a number of local bars around the city.

Arewami — queenarewami


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A post shared by Queenarewami -Ankara Belle😍 (@queenarewami) on

Insta-theme: Style, makeup, fashion, design

Why we love her: Not only is Arewami a fashion icon, but she’s also a makeup guru on YouTube and an up-and-coming designer in the Calgary fashion scene. She’s been slaying on Insta for years, and she’s showing no signs of stopping.

Nadeen Hamzeh — nadeenhmzh


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A post shared by Nadeen Hamzeh (@nadeenhmzh) on

Insta-theme: Style, makeup, fashion

Why we love her: Effortless style… that’s the only way to describe Nadeen. Whether she’s strutting down Stephen Avenue or cozying up in a cabin in the Rockies, her style is always unbelievable. Follow her style journey and take some inspo from her fire outfits.

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