Toronto newspaper declares Calgary Flames to be 'Canada's team'

Jan 26 2019, 3:20 am

How good have the Calgary Flames been this season?

Well, the centre of the universe has just anointed them Canada’s team:


Toronto Sun

That’s what people in Toronto who still buy newspapers woke up to on Friday morning.

While the front page of the Toronto Sun’s sports section was obviously trying to grab attention (mission accomplished), they’ve got a point.

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Don’t expect Leafs fans to wrap their arms around the Flames any time soon, but Calgary’s play on the ice has proven that they’re a legit Stanley Cup contender.

The Flames have a six-point lead over the next closest team in the Western Conference, trailing only the Tampa Bay Lightning in the overall league standings. Calgary also ranks second to Tampa Bay in goals for and goal differential.

The Leafs drew most of the headlines last offseason after their acquisition of John Tavares, but the Flames may have improved their team the most.

Elias Lindholm, who was acquired with Noah Hanifin from Carolina last summer, has actually outscored Tavares. Lindholm has 58 points, compared to 54 points for Tavares.

The Flames will get the next week off to bask in the glow of the ‘Canada’s team’ anointment, before they continue their remarkable season on February 1, against the Stanley Cup champs in Washington.

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