One man dead, one sent to hospital in pair of weekend fires

Oct 29 2019, 8:47 am

A pair of fires in Calgary had some tragic consequences this weekend.

According to separate releases from the City of Calgary, the Calgary Fire Department responded to two serious fires — one on Friday and one on Sunday.

Friday’s fire was located at the 200 block of 23rd Avenue NE, originating from a basement suite. Nearly everyone in the building was evacuated safely thanks to being alerted by smoke alarms, though one man was sent to hospital for smoke inhalation injuries.

The Friday release also noted that the smoke alarms had not been actively sounding their alarms when firefighters arrived, though it was later learned that the interconnected smoke alarm system did activate to alert occupants.

The fire investigator will be looking into why the alarms stopped working prior to the fire department’s arrival, as well as the cause of the fire.

Just two days later, and the Calgary Fire Department was called to a structure fire in the 6000 block of Rancheview Drive NW, a Sunday release states.

CFD was called at 2:30 am, and when they arrived they found “smoke and flames coming from the second storey suite of the apartment block,” according to the release.

The fire was contained to the suite of origin after an aggressive interior attack, though once the suite was searched firefighters found one man dead.

The other 20 residents of the apartment were evacuated and a Calgary Transit bus was on scene to evacuate the residents due to the cold conditions.

A Calgary Fire Department investigator is also working to determine the cause of this fatal fire.

Anyone with information prior to CFD’s arrival on scene to the Sunday morning fire is asked to contact [email protected]