Calgary Cheap Eats: Burgers

Jun 4 2016, 12:01 am

Whether you’re after a quick snack or meal, make sure you check out our weekly Cheap Eats post dedicated to affordable and tasty food in Calgary aimed at satisfying your belly without breaking the bank.

Today we’re rounding up a list of burgers in the city for under $10.

Boogie’s Burgers

It’s all about the burgers at Boogie’s, and you can fill up on an affordable feast. Their basic single patty is $5.25, and just about all their intense burger creations fall under the $10 threshold. Double your 100% Alberta beef patties with the Blazin’ Saddles ($8.50), or get gooey with the Deep Fried Mac ‘n Cheese Burger ($8).

Address: A-908 Edmonton Trail NE
Phone: 403-230-7070
Twitter: @Boogies_Burgers

Peters’ Drive In

Come in, it’s no burger or bargain list for Calgary that can’t include Peters’ Drive In; it’s a must-try. Their burgers are flame-broiled 100% Alberta chuck, and a single will only set you back $4.10. Even a triple with cheese is just $7.10–that’s a lot of burger! A signature Peters’ Drive In shake is a worthwhile spend. Just heads up, you’ll probably have to wait in line at this popular joint.

Address: 219 16th Avenue NE
Phone: 403-277-2747
Twitter: @PetersDriveIn

Clive Burger

Clive Burger calls themselves “the classic American burger stand reinvented”–only here it’s Alberta beef and locally-sourced ingredients, which makes this a very modern Calgary spot. If you keep things simple, you can get a great burger fix without emptying your wallet. Their 1/4-pound hormone and antibiotic-free single patty starts at $6.50 and comes with several fixins, including their Clive Sauce. Add a small order of fries for $3, and you’re getting a high-quality burger meal for around $10.

Address: 736 17th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-229-9224
Twitter: @cliveburger

Burger Inn

Serious burger lovers know the Burger Inn, thanks to their great basic burgers and their selection of eclectic options, like lamb, elk, wild boar, or buffalo. Bust your gut with their triple burger (three quarter-pound all-beef patties), or fill up on a combo with a fully-loaded cheeseburger, fries, and pop and still get outta there on the cheap.

Address: 1711 4th Street SW
Phone: 403-244-9293

CB Drive Inn

Don’t be surprised if people tell you they’ve been going to C B Drive Inn forever; they didn’t discover the fountain of youth, they just know that this old-school burger joint has been serving loyal fans since the 60s. You can still score a burger-fries-pop combo and not spend a fortune. This classic stand serves ’em up like they always do. Even though folks swear by their burgers, their crinkle-cut fries are pure nostalgia.

Address: 789 Northmount Drive NW
Phone: 403-282-8188
Facebook: CB Drive Inn

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