Calgary charter airline Enerjet offers planes to Canadian Government for refugee relocation

Dec 19 2017, 2:47 am

One Calgary airline has stepped up to offer their support in the relocation of Syrian refugees coming to Canada.

Enerjet, a charter airline based out of Calgary, pledged their support to the Federal Government of Canada on Tuesday, offering their fleet of Boeing 747s as well as logistics personnel to help out with the government’s relocation initiative.

“We really didn’t want to spark or play into a broader political debate, that wasn’t our intent,” Darcy Morgan, Chief Commercial Officer for Enerjet told Calgary Buzz. “On a smaller scale, every Canadian citizen, every Canadian company, every society in this country, every group, has the right to express their opinion about what is the right thing to do in the situation of the refugees in Syria. It is a great privilege that we live in a country where we can have that debate.”

Going forward, Morgan says it’s vital everyone make their opinions on the future of Canada, and what the country does for others, known.

“It’s important that everybody participate in that debate, so that together we can make the best decision as a country as to what we’re supposed to do, and so that we can influence to country into making that decision in the right way,” says Morgan. “That’s how the system works. But if nobody takes the time to express themselves in that debate then fear and uncertainty fill the void. We just wanted – on behalf of our company – to say that in our perspective we’re ready to help people in need.”

While what Canada can do for refugees has been a hot topic, Morgan says this is just Enerjet’s way of expressing their intentions and opinions as a company.

“We’re putting our hand up saying that the people of Canada elected a government, that government has a plan, and we think it’s the right thing to do for Canadians to either get behind it, or if they choose to protest that plan, to say they disagree with it,” he says. “But I don’t think anyone should be on the fence about this one.”

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