5 fitness options you can actually afford for your New Years resolutions

Jan 6 2017, 3:07 am

Two weeks into January and you’ve started making excuses for skipping a couple workouts.

Maybe you’re a little sore or work got a little busy. Maybe you’re a little too full from that buffet lunch or your friend can’t join you anymore. Or maybe you realized your exorbitant fitness pass isn’t feasible anymore.

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That’s where that old adage comes in – where there’s a will, there’s a way. You’ll find tons of cheap workout options in Calgary, but you just need a little help finding them.

We’ve compiled a list of five affordable options so you can reach even your most ambitious New Years fitness resolutions.

30 minute express circuit

If you’re one of those people who gets sick of doing the same thing all the time, a routine that mixes up several different exercises simultaneously could be your best bet. Try a circuit that combines a few different moves in order to keep your heart rate up, and your brain stimulated too. You can do a 30-minute express circuit with GoodLife’s Fit 4 Less 30 minute express circuit. It combines a cross trainer, bike, strength machines, along with abs and stretching. The best part? A basic pass is just $4.99 per two weeks.

Where: Fit 4 Less – Calgary Macleod Plaza and Calgary Pacific Place,
Price: 4Less Card, $4.99 per two weeks




Barre went big in 2016 and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. The problem is that prices seem to be as challenging as the workout itself. Barre is described as isometric strength training. You do high reps of smaller movements while holding a barre to balance yourself. Overall, barre combines pilates, yoga, and ballet, paired with energetic music to keep you moving. To avoid what can be an upwards $150 or so a month, you can pay $99 monthly for yoga and barre at Beyond Yoga.

Where: Beyond Yoga – 200 1414 Kensington Road NW
Price: $99 per month, 2 weeks intro pass is $29

Dance infused yoga

If you love yoga but want to turn it up a notch, then try a class that incorporates some solid beats. You’ll find lots of dance infused yoga classes out there that give you the zen you’re looking for, and the burnt calories as a plus. Look for a class that incorporates some simple moves – as it progresses you’ll try cardio movements and core work. If you’re feeling a little self conscious then no worries, since many classes cater to all levels. Try SAIT’s Yoga Beat class that charges just $104 for 12 weeks – a total of 12 hours of classes.

Where: SAIT Wellness Centre – 1301 16 Avenue NW
Price: $104 for 12 weeks

Indoor cycling

If you’re looking for some intense cardio that will give you some of the sweatiest rides of your life, then indoor cycling is a great option. You’ll hop onto a stationary bike for moves that are similar to ones you’d do on a real bike. You’ll do climbs, coasts, and sprints to get your heart rate up while fun music plays in the social class atmosphere. The problem with these classes is they have a reputation of being ultra expensive, in the upwards of $150 a month. But if you go to the YMCA  in Calgary you can grab the young adult (age 18-25) 10 visit punch card for $90 – which also gives you access to the facility’s other classes, gym, pool, and more.

Where: Gray Family Eau Clair YMCA plus other limited locations
Price: $90 for 10 visit punch card

Badminton, basketball, and more



If you’re looking for a workout that incorporates teamwork  then you can try court sports to keep your fitness fun. Try switching between badminton, soccer, and basketball in a team setting. You’re guaranteed to get lots of cardio in while pivoting the ball, and the birdie will help you build up your muscle mass. At Genesis Centre you can enjoy all of these plus more for the super affordable price of $25 per month.

Where: Genesis Centre – 7555 Falconridge Boulevard NE
Price: Adults $25

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