14 Calgarians you need to be following on Instagram

Jan 18 2017, 6:24 pm

Written for Daily Hive by Kylee Williams

Calgary is home to some seriously cool and talented people, there’s no doubt about it. So, whether these particular Calgary-bred Instagrammers are photographers, models, foodies or fitness gurus, they are more than deserving of your likes and follows.

Here’s a list of 14 people you simply need to follow on Instagram.

Ryan Hagel – staydirty

While he is a New Media Production & Design student, he is also a more than gifted photographer. Although Hagel is still new to the photographic world and continues to learn and experiment with his camera, his Instagram simply makes taking extraordinary photos look effortless. His page is full of the night’s sky, skateboarding, his friends and family’s day-to- day life, and many more. Watch out for this one folks! If you would like to check out some more of Hagel’s work, here are the links to his Facebook and 500px page.

Tatiana Sarah – tatianaxsarah

Darling just fucking own it @taralynkate 📷 // @royalglamstudio 💄

A photo posted by TATIANA SARAH (@tatianaxsarah) on

Model, blogger, and fitness personality. These are just a few simple words to describe Tatiana and her incredible Instagram presence. She doesn’t just post her modelling photos, she talks about fitness and nutrition in order to inspire and motivate her followers so that they will work towards being the best version of themselves possible. Browsing through this one’s Instagram will either send you to the gym, or send you face-first into a tub of ice cream. There’s really no in-between. If you would like to learn more about Tatiana, her modelling career and her lifestyle goals, here are the links to her website and Facebook page.

Chris Malloy – mistermalloy

KeepTheLightsOn #nightmoves

A photo posted by Chris Malloy (@mistermalloy) on

This photographer’s Instagram seems to focus on capturing ordinary places and objects while managing to make them beyond interesting or intriguing. His Instagram page is both exceptionally unique as well as beautiful, and it definitely deserves your attention. Trust me. To check out Malloy’s website for more photographs and information, click here.

Julie Van Rosendaal – dinnerwithjulie

Granted, visiting her Instagram will leave you feeling as though you’re going to pass out from starvation. However, it’s completely worth it. This cookbook author and CBC radio food columnist’s Instagram has everything you could want – pictures of food.

So, you need to be following Van Rosendaal on Instagram; it’s as simple as that. For recipes and other information on this Calgarian foodie, click here.

Claire Bourgeois – clairephotographs

On that #yyc aesthetic ✌🏻️❄️ (photo creds @rhegan_burton

A photo posted by Claire Bourgeois (@clairephotographs) on

I advise you to proceed with caution when scrolling through this photographer’s Instagram, because jealously isn’t a strong enough word to describe how you will feel afterwards. After spending some time abroad in Vienna, Austria, this Calgarians Instagram page is pretty amazing. Not only is she an experienced traveller with photos to back her up, but she is also a concert photographer who has shot many different musicians ranging from Halsey to July Talk.

For more photographs by Bourgeois, here are the links to her website and Facebook page.

Matthew Magtoto – mattheou

This Calgarians’ Instagram is many things. How aesthetically pleasing it is, is at the very top of that list. Even though Magtoto takes photographs as a hobby and models in them for pleasure, he is nothing short of extremely talented.

Whether you want to browse his page for some fashion or photography-related inspiration, his Instagram is not one to look over.

Chris Amat – christopheramat

Typical scenes in Canada. @deerlodge__ll

A photo posted by Chris Amat (@christopheramat) on

This Calgary-based photographer somehow manages to transform many different places and subjects into unique and priceless photographs. Amat believes that photography is all about the connection between the subject and the audience, and this mentality definitely follows through in his photographs.

If you would like to see more of Amat, click here.

Chloe Hibbert – clo.photo

When your umbrella matches your canoe, you know it’s gonna be a good day. ☔️🚣🏼 #explorealberta

A photo posted by C H L O E H I B B E R T (@clo.photo) on

Born and raised in Calgary, Hibbert became interested in photography shortly after high school. Her Instagram page consists mainly of portraits and landscape photography, which are all amazing. Sending a little attention her away is purely beneficial for you, because her posts will honestly bless your Instagram feed.

To see more of Hibbert’s impressive photography, click here.

Kendall Shea – afternoon.delight

got a case of the Fridays with @campbrandgoods

A photo posted by Kendall Shea (@afternoon.delight) on

This Calgarian bred model and world-traveller’s Instagram is captivating. From gorgeous photos in which she models, to photos she has taken herself from around the globe – this Instagrammer remains entirely unique while still holding levels of comfort and familiarity.

This Instagram page is one you absolutely need to set your eyes on.

Taylor Slack – taylorslack

This personal trainer and nutrition coach’s Instagram has it all. Ranging from recommended workouts to healthy eating suggestions, Slack’s Instagram is filled with all kinds of necessary fitspo. After making a lifestyle change four years ago, Slack says that she has never felt better. She hopes to continue to share her passions of nutrition and fitness with others so that they too can feel more confident in their own skin.

For more information on Slack and her company TSFITNESS, click here.

Aidan Campbell – 3to2

old spots, new concepts

A photo posted by aidan (@3to2) on

In 2013, this Instagrammer started off as Aidan Campbell Photography. In 2015, he expanded this company to another artist whose photographic vision matched his own. Now, Campbell’s company, Parallel Imaging, is blossoming. While they usually specialize in event and nature photography, they are open and excited to take on new photographic challenges.

This is an Instagram page you won’t want to scroll by. For more information on Campbell and Parallel Imaging, click here.

Jomar – jomamaeats

It’s okay to drool, I promise. This Calgarian foodie’s Instagram is undeniably delicious. Just one glance, and you’re hooked. Not only is he a proud Calgarian, he is also extremely passionate when it comes to promoting Calgary and its many lesser- known places to eat.

With tasty photos and great food-related tips, check out this foodie’s Instagram and website right away.

Neil Zeller – neil_zee

We’re still in a deep freeze, but it sure makes for nice photos! #capturecalgary

A photo posted by Neil Zeller (@neil_zee) on

Neil Zeller is both a proud Calgarian as well as a remarkable photographer. On Zeller’s Instagram you can expect to find familiar spots and places within Calgary; however, his photographs make these places look magical. If you’re interested in learning more about Zeller and seeing more of his work, click here.

Brij Patel – houseofbrij

Evading the paps #tbt #ivamphotography

A photo posted by HouseOfBrij (@houseofbrij) on

Except to dive straight in to all things fashion-related when scrolling through this fashion blogger’s Instagram. Patel’s keen eye for details and Parisian trends is what makes his Instagram so irresistible. It is so aesthetically pleasing, in fact, that you might not be able to look at it for too long. Patel’s passion for the fashion industry revolves around originality.

He uses this vibrant world to fully express himself, which is what he feels fashion is all about. To learn more about Patel and the fashion industry, click here.

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