19 drool-worthy foodie Calgary Instagram accounts to follow

Nov 11 2016, 4:55 am

If your Instagram feed is like ours, then it’s a constant stream of dogs, selfies, memes, and glorious, glorious food porn.

Living through foodies’ accounts is part of our daily ritual, and scrolling down them often prompts some serious cravings – which we both love and hate (depending on what time of night it is).

If you weren’t hungry before, you definitely will be after checking out these 19 must-follow foodie Instagram accounts based out of Calgary.

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1. @foodbymaria

Maria kills the fresh, homemade vegan and vegetarian Insta game. For more of her recipes head to her website and get cooking yourself.

2. @lamorrow

A photo posted by LeslieMorrow (@lamorrow) on

Leslie Morrow is the Head Chef at Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, and man, does she have a delicious-looking feed. To be expected, there’s a ton of baked goods and coffee on her grid, but Morrow also expertly weaves in savoury meals as well.

3. @hungry.kevin

A photo posted by Kevin Lopez (@hungry.kevin) on

“In a serious relationship with this plate of fries,” he says…but aren’t we all? This feed is a healthy mix of homemade and restaurant-made masterpieces.

4. @foodkarmablog

As a Vancouver transplant to Calgary, foodkarma has tasted some of the best in the Western Canadian food scene. Check out more foodie adventures on foodkarma’s website.

5. @jomamaeats

Sometimes cooking, always eating, JOMAMA takes stellar curated food photos against white backgrounds that make his feed fresh to death. If you’d like to read the stories behind this great account check out JOMAMA’s website.

6. @fortwoplz

You know the Instagram account of a food-crazed travel blogger who spends her time between YYC and Taiwan has got to be good, and fortwoplz’s is. Check out her website for in-depth accounts of her travels and tasting experiences.

7. @itsoishii

A photo posted by It’s Oishii! (@itsoishii) on

Oishii makes the food subjects in his photos look like supermodels, if that’s even possible. This account features a ton of culinary delights in Calgary that are inspired by Asian cuisine and beyond.

8. @the_wellth

A photo posted by The Wellth (@the_wellth) on

This holistic nutrition student’s account makes us feel healthier just by looking at it. Expect fresher than fresh dishes and bright colours straight outta the garden while you’re scrolling through this gem.

9. @truffleandsweet

Truffleandsweet mixes travel and lifestyle in among her picture-perfect-magazine foodie photos – some of it looks too good to eat (but we’d still chow down).

10. @banhmiigirl

A photo posted by Priscilla Banh (@banhmiigirl) on

This account gets you up close and personal with some of YYC’s tastiest cuisine. Whether it’s cappuccinos, cakes, or benedicts – banhmiigirl has got your all-purpose food porn covered.

11. @leahgamache

A photo posted by @leahgamache on

Considering she’s the Executive Pastry Chef at the Teatro Group, it’s safe to say we expected nothing but sweet, sweet visions on Leah Gamache’s feed. She delivers this and more with her posts.

12. @yyc.bites

A photo posted by @yyc.bites on

All food and drink everything – this account has got the pulse of the Calgary food scene under it thumb. Yyc.bites also offers some context about flavour and atmosphere at venues along with each photo, which is nice for those who live outside of the city.

13. @oh_theplacesyoulleat

A photo posted by @oh_theplacesyoulleat on

If you need a cheat sheet for standout dishes in Calgary, this account has food item and venue names on each image – meaning you could do a food crawl following oh_theplacesyoulleat’s footsteps very easily.

14. @bonappetit_calgary

The perfect mix of waffles, waffles, and other food. This account actually has a great variety of dishes on its feed and the Instagrammer offers useful info such as prices on some images.

15. @chu.eats

A photo posted by Iris (@chu.eats) on

Chu.eats wanders between YVR and YYC and takes beautiful photos wherever she lands. She also totally nails foodie action shots (think flames and syrup), so the food porn is top notch.

16. dishnthekitchen

A photo posted by Bernice (@dishnthekitchen) on

This Calgary food blogger not only takes great food photos, but she keeps her followers updated with what’s going on in the culinary community through her account too. See more of what dishnthekitchen does on her website.

17. @seanymacd

A photo posted by Sean MacDonald (@seanymacd) on

Sean MacDonald is the Executive Chef of MARKET restaurant, and he’s also an expert Instagrammer. His plates are exquisite both in person and in photos, and he’s always doing something innovative in the culinary scene, so this account is definitely worth a follow if you’re a foodie.

18. @crackmacs

A photo posted by Crackmacs (@crackmacs) on

This Mr/Mrs team is well-known on the digital spectrum in YYC. Crackmacs gives their followers a little bit of everything on their Insta feed, including some seriously colourful snaps of YYC cuisine.

10. @yycfoodjunkie

Yycfoodjunkie knows what’s good when it comes to food in this city. This account is of full of good images with positive feedback about must-try items.

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