Calgarians not the happiest about their neighbourhoods: survey

Dec 3 2019, 2:40 pm

It turns out that Calgarians aren’t exactly the happiest campers when it comes to their neighbourhoods.

Statistics from the 2018 Canadian Housing Survey shows that, of the 10 large Canadian cities that were selected for the survey, Calgary came seventh in neighbourhood satisfaction — ahead of just Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Still, that’s not to say that things are all bad around Calgary’s neighbourhoods, as even in seventh place we still came in with a satisfaction rating of 82.5% — a few digits short of the country’s average of 85.6%, but still a solid B-.


2018 Canadian Housing Survey

Toronto saw the lowest satisfaction of the entire country, with just 82.2%, while Quebec was the most satisfied with where, and around whom, they lived, topping the charts at 92.5%.

According to the survey, the more populated an area a respondent lived, the less satisfied they were with their neighbourhood.

Those living in rural communities had a 91.4% rating, while the numbers dropped the larger the population density per square kilometre, from 88.7% for those living in areas with less than 1,344 residents per square kilometre to 80.8% for those living in the same square kilometre as over 4,699 other people.


2018 Canadian Housing Survey

The rate of satisfaction also fluctuated depending on whether or not the respondent was an owner (87.9%) or a renter (80.4%).

The lowest satisfaction recorded for a demographic in the survey, however, was for renters who were living in social and affordable housing, with a rating of just 75% — over 10 points lower than the national average.