British woman sings 'O Canada' with hilarious new lyrics (VIDEO)

Dec 20 2016, 5:56 pm

A British woman has taken to YouTube to breathe new life (and perspective) into the Canadian National Anthem.

And it’s hilarious.

Obviously not impressed with how cold it’s been lately, she lets us know from the opening line that the weather is not her favourite aspect of Canadian life. She manages to redeem herself, however, by touching on all the major stereotypes – polar bears, snow, Tim Hortons, poutine, and hockey.

Actually, that just about sums it up. Here are the lyrics in full:

O Canada, you are so f*cking cold
With polar bears and sh*t tones of snow
A Timmies on each corner as far as the eye can see
O Canada, O Canada
I just want a cup of tea
Poutine, chowder, plastic money
O Canada you love your ice hockey
O Canada you love your ice hockey

What do you think? Maybe it’s time our glowing hearts upgraded to a new theme…

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