"Bobby the Bobcat" recovering after paw caught in trap in Calgary

Jan 16 2023, 5:19 pm

A bobcat that caught a lot of people’s attention in South Calgary is doing well after having a trap removed from her paw.

“Bobby” received a lot of attention on social media when she was spotted in Chaparral with a trap on her foot last week.

Now, Calgary Wildlife is saying Bobby is recovering after undergoing surgery, having the trap removed and the wound fully cleaned.

Calgary Wildlife

They said it took some time to find Calgary’s new favourite bobcat.

“After a few days of staking out, tracking her steps, and strategically placing a trap, we were finally able to capture the bobcat from Chaparral that had been the talk of social media for over a week.”

They said they worked with Alberta Fish and Wildlife after hearing about Bobby’s situation a week earlier. Alberta Fish and Wildlife gave them the go-ahead to trap her and bring her back to their rehabilitation centre.

According to Calgary Wildlife, the public was extremely helpful in keeping them updated on Bobby’s whereabouts.

They also said they had experience on their side.

“Our Director of Wildlife Care and Services, Melanie Whalen, is an expert trapper and her experience working in wildlife research is what enabled her to understand how the bobcat would behave in such a situation, thus allowing for a successful and speedy trap.”

Bobby had the trap removed from her foot upon arrival at the rehab site. After an examination, they found no breaks, but she still needed surgery to do some repairs and clean the wound where the trap was.

Calgary Wildlife has a good feeling Bobby is going to end up being okay.

“We are optimistic about her recovery and will continue to update her progress here.”

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