12 of the best places to take photos in Calgary

Jan 30 2017, 1:48 am

Are you in the mood to check out some of the best viewpoints and lookouts in Calgary so that you can get some pretty incredible photos?

If you are, look no further because we have a list of 12 extremely visually pleasing spots in the city where you can go to work on your Insta game.

Galleria Trees on Stephen Ave

Stephen Ave, in general, is a very picturesque place to take photos all year round. Whether it’s on the pedestrian sidewalks or in front of your favourite bar, the photos always seem to turn out beautifully. However, there is something about the galleria trees on Stephen Ave that just scream unique. So, if you’re interested in something different, this spot is definitely for you.

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Where: 8th Avenue SW


The SAIT campus, arguably, has the best view out of all of the other University or College campuses in Calgary. It’s located so perfectly that you can see most of downtown, and it’s honestly stunning – especially at night. Not to mention, SAIT also has a very old, Hogwarts-looking building on campus that is absolutely beautiful.

Where: 1301 16th Avenue NW

Wonderland Sculpture

everything is everything.

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The Wonderland Sculpture, more commonly known as “The Head,” is one of Calgary’s most popular places to take some photos. The sculpture is placed in front of The Bow, a super nice building, which only adds to the rare effect of the Wonderland Sculpture.

Where: 110 6th Avenue SE

The Rundle Ruins

The Rundle Ruins are especially intriguing because you get a little bit of history and architecture, while still having a picture-perfect view of Calgary’s downtown. The contrast of the two locations put together makes for a very interesting photo that is definitely worth taking.

Where: 619- 1A9, 623 12th Avenue SE

Scotsman’s Hill

Realistically we do live in a beautiful city

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 A lot like Hillcrest Avenue, you can pretty much see most of Calgary from this viewpoint. However, the great thing about Scotsman’s Hill is that you get the full view of The Saddle Dome. For born and bred Calgarians, this may not be too special… but for someone out of town, it’s definitely interesting to see. Especially around Stampede.

Where: 1204 Salisbury Avenue SE

McHugh Bluff Stairs

Running laps at the infamous McHugh Bluff stairs in Calgary, AB. #Grinding #MuscleMLK #YYC

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These stairs aren’t just a fantastic workout, they are a great place to take some photos in Calgary. Many high school grads all over Calgary come here to take some photos in their gowns and tuxes, and understandably so. The lookout point on the top of the McHugh stairs is purely gorgeous.

Where: Memorial Drive NW and 3rd Street NW

Fish Creek Provincial Park

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Taking a stroll through Fish Creek is a good idea any day of the year. One of the great things about it is that there are so many places to explore within the park. No matter what, you should always be able to take a photo of something different.

Where: 15979 Bow Bottom Trail SE

“Wake me when I’m famous” wall outside Voltage Garage

Calgary has plenty of appealing backdrops and graffiti walls, but this particular wall seems to speak out to a lot of photographers and other Calgarians. It’s simply an unusual and different place to take a great photo.

Where: 2101 34th Avenue SW

Peace Bridge

This may make me fairly basic, but I’m blissfully so. 👐🏼

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Granted, the Peace Bridge is very well known among many Calgarians as a great place to take some pictures in Calgary. Nonetheless, it just can’t be left off of the list. There are many different angles and spots you can incorporate the Peace Bridge into your photos, so don’t be afraid to try something new!

Crescent Heights

Are you making warm weather plans yet? Photo by @eleven.8 via @leonard.miguel #capturecalgary #explorealberta #explorecanada

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This scenic spot is one that, in my opinion, has the ultimate view of Calgary. You can literally see everything, and it’s absolutely stunning no matter the season. You can set up your tripod and sit back on one of the provided benches while watching the sunrise or the sunset, that’s up to you.

Prince’s Island Park

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Prince’s Island Park is another popular spot in Calgary. You can do a variety of things in the park, but taking photos is at the top of that list. Whether you’re focusing on the trees, the river, or any of the other scenic spots, you’re photos are guaranteed to turn out.

Where: 698 Eau Claire Avenue SW

Big Rock Erratic (off of highway 7)

Okay so I admit that this one isn’t actually in Calgary. I figure that it’s close enough though. This spot is very fascinating and the pictures don’t do it justice. The big rock is shockingly huge, and it makes for a really awesome location to take photographs.

 Where: AB-7, Foothills No. 31

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