Best of Calgary Foods launches new local delivery service

Nov 18 2020, 11:40 pm

Best of Calgary Foods is a new, first-rate food delivery service that brings two dozen of Calgary’s culinary legends and over 1,000 artisanal foods together in an online marketplace.

The service is all about supporting local, and it has made it easy for folks to order and have goods delivered straight to their door.

With Best of Calgary Foods, customers will receive their favourite items from the same culinary craftsmen from known purveyors around town like Village Brewery, Pie Cloud, and Primal Soup Co., to name just a few.

“It makes a real difference being able to look in the eye of the person who makes your food. We aren’t just making some random product that sits on a 200 ft shelf in a mega-store,” said Gord Fontaine, owner of Soffritto and proud member of Best of Calgary Foods.

“We are culinary craftsmen, who make everything by hand. And we need the support of our great city to continue to do what we do best.”

This group of culinary businesses formed in response to the downturn of the local economy, as the result of the pandemic.

“Without the perfect storm of COVID-19 and the severe downturn in the economy, we would never have achieved this together,” said Janeen Norman of family-owned Alpine Sausage and President of Best of Calgary Foods.

“It was time to say enough is enough to third-party delivery companies, distributors and wholesalers that profit from the hard-won efforts of small businesses and pass on needless mark-ups of prices to consumers. We are now able to take back our power, bypass huge commission structures and become self-reliant. It’s a game-changer for our industry.”

Best of Calgary Foods is run by the same people who make and handle the food that is being sold.

It is the first owner-operated food delivery company in Calgary and has over 60% female entrepreneur participation and a diverse multicultural palate.

If you are interested in using Best of Calgary Food’s services, you can check out everything they have to offer via its market online.

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