Here are the best CFL touchdown celebrations of all-time (VIDEO)

Aug 24 2018, 7:55 pm

Say hello once more to crazy CFL touchdown celebrations.

We’re just one week removed from the league lifting its ban on prop usage for touchdown celebrations and we’re already seeing players take full advantage.

With that fresh in our minds, let’s revisit some of the best touchdown cellys in league history.

Blue Bombers play Duck, Duck, Goose

Legendary wide receiver Terrence Edwards is remembered for more than just his great catches.

After smothering a pass from Kevin Glenn, Edwards led a hilarious game of Duck, Duck, Goose in the end zone.

It’s limbo time for the Ottawa Redblacks

As the stacks mount, so do the celebrations.

The Ottawa Redblacks did the limbo following a pivotal touchdown in the Eastern Conference semis.

A video of the dance went viral on social media; hitting just shy of two million views on Twitter.

Duke Williams loves Booster Juice

Duke Williams gave Booster Juice the best advertising they could have hoped for.

Williams and two of his teammates crawled under the Booster Juice board by the end zone.

The celly was apparently too much as Edmonton was assessed a 15-yard penalty, drawing the ire of many fans on social media.

Backlash in the aftermath of the penalty is what likely drove the CFL’s decision on loosening its celebration policy.

Winnipeg goes planking

In 2011, the Australian planking craze moved overseas to Canada.

A phenomenon where people lie face down in odd situations and locations, planking became the celly of choice for the Blue Bombers after they returned an interception for a touchdown.

Roughriders start Conga line on the sideline

2017 looks to have been the year of the touchdown celebration.

Kicking the creative moves off was Kevin Glenn, who started a Conga line for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Dave Stela shows off hacky sack skills

I’m honestly not sure what was more impressive with Dave Stela’s touchdown. The catch was a clean grab, but the footwork during his hacky sack celebration was impeccable.

Andrew Harris starts “The Hippo”

At first, nobody knew exactly what to call it.

The team’s Twitter account responded by dubbing the Bombers’ dance “The Hippo” and it’s gone strong ever since. Andrew Harris’ dance currently stands as CFL fans’ favourite celebration through Week 10.

Kamar Jorden replicates Fortnite dance

Everybody’s favourite video game Fortnite has crept its way into football as well.

Calgary Stampeder’s receiver Kamar Jorden nailed the default character dance from Fortnite.

Ernest Jackson does Scorpion Mortal Kombat move

Before Fortnite was ever a thing, it was Mortal Kombat that was the video game of choice for celebration inspirations.

The CFL made the celly even better by adding special effects during post-editing.

Here’s hoping the rest of this season provides even greater post-touchdown festivities with the loosening of the rules.

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