Bernie & The Boys Bistro: Home of the "mammoth burger" in Drumheller

Jun 1 2022, 6:49 pm

Bernie & The Boys Bistro, a hugely popular local restaurant in Drumheller, Alberta, has possibly one of the most giant burgers in the province.

It’s also one of the hardest food challenges around.

This burger is made with a massive bun, all the fixings, and a patty weighing 24 oz! Plus, it comes with fries on the side.

There’s even a challenge to finish the burger that only a handful of people have ever accomplished. Maybe you have what it takes? If you can finish it, there’s also a record to be broken.

The fastest time to finish this mammoth burger is currently set at nine minutes and 34 seconds.

Gaining notoriety for this behemoth of a burger (even featured on Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here), the rest of the food menu is massive, with all sorts of dishes done the right way.

The menu here also has (normal-sized) salads, chicken wings, steak and seafood, sandwiches, wraps, subs, sides, and even pizza. There are also over 85 different flavours of milkshakes.

If you’d rather have a slightly smaller but still very hearty burger, there are another 15 different options to choose from. Go for a classic cheeseburger, try a pizza burger, or go for one of the wilder burgers, like the Nacho Daddy made with guac, sour cream, cheese, salsa, lettuce, and hot banana peppers.

Drumheller is a destination town, and Bernie & The Boys Bistro is a destination dining spot. Come here for a menu that has it all, delicious comfort food, or just to see this three-pound burger up close and in person.

Bernie & The Boys Bistro

Address: 305 4th Street W, Drumheller


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