Engineered Eats: 8 Beakerhead bites for $10 and under

Sep 13 2016, 2:29 am

Beakerhead is back! For the fourth year in a row, Calgary will be invaded by all things science, engineering , and art from September 14 to 18. There will be some crazy experiments conducted along with multiple artistic works displayed around the city.

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As in previous years, Beakerhead also offers local chefs and bartenders the opportunity to put on a lab coat and play the role of scientist using molecular gastronomy. Called Engineered Eats, YYC restaurants are tasked with using the year’s selected core ingredient in a special dish, available during Beakerhead. For 2016, the ingredient is milk.

This year, there are almost 30 different restaurants highlighting  milk with a variety of new techniques. These restaurants are offering a range of menu items from main courses featuring lobster tail to unique cocktails ranging in price from $7 to $30.

Here are 8 spots offering special Beakherhead creations for Engineered Eats that come in at $10 and under:

AVEC Bistro

This dish offers a play on textures as the creamy, smooth milk we all know is transformed into a crispy topping. A dark chocolate tart is topped with crispy milk, that is made by slowly whipping milk and glucose over a low heat and then dehydrating it.

Price: $10
Address: 105, 550 11 Ave SW
Phone: 587-352-0964

Bank & Baron P.U.B.

Bananas and ice cream are a classic combination, but the folks at the Bank & Baron are taking it to a whole new level. A banana milkshake is served with chunks of banana bread, caramelized bananas and dulce de leche. You can add a shot of Kaluha to take this decadent treat over the edge!

Price: $9
Address: 125 8th Avenue SW
Phone: 587-293-9688

Blue Star Diner

This cocktail inspired dessert takes molecular gastronomy to new heights with their milk punch ‘rain drop’ cake taking a whopping three days to complete. The cake combines a unique blend of flavours including chamomile, cinnamon, orange, and vanilla that is topped with Ovaltine and sweetened milk crumbs.

Price: $8
Address: 809 1 Ave NE
Phone: 403-261-9998

The Beltliner

The dish is called reverse milk & cookies, where “cookie” is milk transformed into gel form, that is then frozen and fried to resemble a cookie. The “milk” for dipping is a smooth tea steeped using cookies, while leaving all the cookie crumbles behind.

Price: $8
Address: 243 12 Ave SW
Phone: 587-955-1555

Burger 320

This burger joint is serving up tacos for a change. A waffle cone shaped like a taco is dipped in Italian chocolate and then stuffed with your choice of gelato and a wide variety of toppings like caramel corn, gummy bears and sprinkles.

Price: $8
Address: 126 10 Street NW  and 814 First Avenue NE
Phone: 403-515-0035

Township Bar and Grill

Township is bringing the flavours of India to Calgary. Serving up some Rasgulla, an Indian delicacy that submerges milk based dumplings in a saffron syrup topped with pistachios and honeycomb. These unique “dumplings” have a texture similar to buffalo mozzarella and are made using whole milk.

Price: $10
Address: 181, 250 6 Ave SW
Phone: 403-265-3837

Paper St.

A twist on the traditional Shaft, this espresso based cocktail features local Rosso coffee mixed with freshly made Baileys ice cream. Don’t try this one too late or the caffeine will keep you up all night!

Price: $10
Address: 102, 630 8 Ave SW
Phone: 403-457-2700

The Coup

Calgary’ favourite vegetarian restaurant is offering a dairy-free bubble tea, creating a horchata (a creamy drink made from ground nuts with origins in Latin America) from macadamia nuts with Mexican vanilla and cinnamon. The horchata is mixed over ice and served over ginger chai tapioca pearls.
Price: $10 (add Bluenose Black Rum for an additional $5)
Address: 924 17 Ave SW
Phone: 403-541-1041

A full list of all the creative dishes being offered around the city during Beakerhead can be found here.