17 events to look for at the Beakerhead 2016 science extravaganza

Sep 12 2016, 6:50 pm

Calgary’s annual smash up of art, science and engineering is here this week from Wednesday, September 14 through Sunday, September 18.

This year, Beakerhead will include more than 65 mechanical sculptures, interactive street art, classrooms of creators, culinary delights, and spectacular performances.

While most Beakerhead events are free, some are ticketed, from musical performances to hands-on workshops and tours.

Here are 17 events to look for at the Beakerhead 2016 science extravaganza.

Spicy Palate Workout

Explore riveting tales about the surprising science and history of spices and herbs. A botanist, neuroscientist and chemist (who knew?) will be on hand to weave the science of sensation into the spice perception. Unusual pairings of fragrance and taste are sure to delight your senses and your palate as you create your own steak rub to take home. Materials included.


An evening full of quirky surprises illuminate the streets of Bridgeland where everyone will enjoy interactive works and performances, live music, the Beakerbar, a pedal-powered brain, a can-crushing cow and a human-sized hamster wheel, just to name to few.


An original food experience that will jolt everyone’s expectations. Six top Calgary chefs and mixologists are getting creative in an industrial compound – turned skate park in Ramsay. Imagine a car on its side turning a spit, a giant flame under an array of roasted trout in wire baskets, and a warehouse setting full of surprises.

Cornstarch Walk

The Cornstarch Walk at Beakerhead (Beakerhead)

The Cornstarch Walk at Beakerhead (Beakerhead)

Try your luck at walking across a trough of cornstarch and water – barefoot – without sinking!

Gameboy Remix

Dust off your Gameboy. Calgary’s music polymath, Kevin Stebner, will show you how to turn your gaming device into an instrument to create your own video game jams. All you need to know is how to use a Gameboy! Must bring your own. Chiptunes smart card cost included.



East Village get a giant spaceship (East Village / Twitter)

The international premiere of a two-story high communications device for sending messages to outer space – if you can crack the code. Hop in! It’s in the East Village.

Ramsay Time Traveller’s Parade

Put on your time/dimension traveler’s costume and join the battle to save the future/past/present!

Highly Social Science

Highly Social Science at Beakerhead (Beakerhead)

Highly Social Science at Beakerhead (Beakerhead)

A building turned into a social barometer in Mission.

Extreme Board Gaming

Take your board game skills to an extreme level. How about bringing in an expert? Play Pandemic with a microbiologist, or Operation with a real life doctor at Pips Board Game Cafe.


calgary octopus

Massive octopus in Inglewood (Beakerhead)

A massive octopus has managed to get inside one of Inglewood’s historic building! Did you know octopuses have massive brains – half a billion neurons no less? This is the Calgary premiere of UK artists Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas.


Walk barefoot inside the belly of an inflatable robotic, exploratory, humpback – narwhal hybrid.

Cloud 17

Cloud 17 at Beakerhead (Beakerhead)

Cloud 17 at Beakerhead (Beakerhead)

Three interactive experiences will provide you with light, images and sound in the heart of 17th ave.

Sandbox of Human Ingenuity

The world’s most unbounded sandbox is back! Robots and humans of all ages (0-120) are invited to go on an archaeological dig, bring a picnic or just roll up your sleeves and get sandy.


Nibbles offers 7 new baby bunny designs (Amanda Parer)

Nibbles offers 7 new baby bunny designs (Amanda Parer)

For those who remember last year’s rabbits in Central Memorial Park… You know what rabbits do? It has happened. Welcome … baby bunnies!

Adults Only Night: Energy Hack

A special Adults only Beakerhead night at TELUS Spark. Find out if it’s possible to build a furnace out of old pop cans and eavestroughs. Spend an energized evening of conversation and connection plus free rein in the galleries and a fully licensed bar.

Engineered Eats

Engineered Eats at Beakerhead (Beakerhead)

Engineered Eats at Beakerhead (Beakerhead)

Explore engineered temptations at 32 participating bars and restaurants during Beakerhead – citywide.

Rock ’n’ Roll History of Space Exploration

Join Jay Ingram and his band, the Cosmonauts, on a visual and musical journey through an era when the idea of space exploration was only a dream.


Where: All over Calgary

When: From Wednesday, September 14 through Sunday, September 18

Ticket and full event details: beakerhead.com