Awesome Alberta: The water at Grassi Lakes is stunningly cyan (PHOTOS)

Jun 20 2018, 10:24 pm

Sometimes the greatest painter is Mother Nature herself.

It’s a hard thing to argue against, at least it is once you’ve set your eyes upon Alberta’s Grassi Lakes and the intricate way that blue and green blend together underwater to create a mesmerizing sight.

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Not to mention that the lakes are simply a great day trip for an easy hike with the family, or the perfect place for some outdoor rock climbing if you’re a little more on the adventurous side.

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Where is it?

The Grassi Lakes are located just west of Canmore along the Three Sisters Parkway. They lie at an elevation of 1,525 metres, overlook the town of Canmore, and are fed by the Spray Lakes Reservoir.

The lakes are flanked by Mount Rundle, the Three Sisters, and Whitemans Pond.

How do you get there?

Called “the perfect family hike” by Tourism Canmore, Grassi Lakes Trail is a short one to two-hour hike with an elevation change of only 250 metres.

To get to the trailhead from Calgary, you’ll need to head east on Highway One until just before Canmore, when you’ll take an exit onto the Three Sisters Parkway (Highway 742), and from there you take a left onto Ken Richie Way.

The Grassi Lakes Trailhead should be on your right, and then it’s a short hike to the lakes!

What’s there?

Grassi Lakes, as the name suggests, is home to two lakes, with Upper Grassi Lake and Lower Grassi Lake. Both are a stunning mix of blue and green, and when the wind is calm the water is extremely clear.

The area is also a popular hotspot for rock climbers, as the cliffs in the area used to be part of a long-extinct fossil reef, which caused pockets to form where bulbous sponges used to live.

There is also a stunning view of the Rocky Mountains and a view of Canmore for a picture-perfect photo op.

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