How this award-winning residential development is designed to enhance your health

Oct 3 2022, 3:30 pm

As Canadians become more health-conscious than ever before, many are seeking properties within communities that prioritize their quality of life. So, imagine living somewhere that’s actually designed to provide experiences for you and your entire family to live and grow — at every stage of life?

Rockland Park, Northwest Calgary’s “first master-planned community in over a decade,” is just that. Developer Brookfield Residential has reclaimed the area, once a rock quarry, to create a high-end, mixed-use community with residential areas, schools, and space for shopping, recreation, and entertainment. It was recently awarded the New Community of the Year for the 2021 Calgary Build Awards, recognized for the outstanding work of its developers, builders, renovators, and partners.

Located less than an hour’s drive from Banff National Park and less than half an hour from downtown Calgary, the project aims to restore the area’s natural ecology for the benefit of all.

With stunning scenery,  beautiful waterscapes, and 120 acres of parks and greenery covering the entire community, Rockland Park offers the chance to immerse one’s self in nature.

“The location of the lands really connect it with the natural world,” says Jessie Seymour, senior manager of community experience and strategic partners at Brookfield Residential. “Sitting on a plateau overlooking the Bow River, a community with many parks and pathways — life in Rockland will always be a few steps away from a peaceful walk along the ridge, connecting through the community to greenspaces, or navigating the meandering pathways in the environmental reserve.”

But perhaps the most unique thing about Rockland Park, and certainly what makes it stand out from the crowd, is how it will incorporate the universal wisdom of Feng Shui — an ancient Chinese traditional practice that uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. 

A study by Kanzhongguo Traditional Chinese Culture Research Team, consulted by Feng Shui Researcher Kwok Leung, found Rockland Park to be an incredible location to develop a community based on the principles of the practice.

“Since people are not fully aware of the impact of their surroundings on themselves, Feng Shui provides a systematic analysis to distinguish geographic locations and characteristics that are best for human habitation and development,” Leung says. “Rockland Park is located in an extraordinary location known as ‘Dragon’s Eyes’… such a location is characterized by a U-shape, south facing, highland with gentle slope situated on a riverbank of a flowing ‘Nine Bend River’ — in this case, the Bow River.”

According to Leung, such a place will not only benefit residents’ health and financial status, but it will also help them to meet “noble people” and promote the prosperity of the future generation.

Aside from the natural landscape being a prime location, developers have also kept the principles of Feng Shui in mind when considering Rockland Park’s buildings. For example, as the researchers explain, smooth surfaces play an important role, so a commitment has been made to removing the sharp corners that can occur between households. This is believed to encourage friendly relationships between neighbours and create a harmonious environment for generations to come.

As well as this, in Feng Shui, the northwest represents gold, so this area of Rockland Park has been dedicated to retail and other commercial space, to encourage good fortune for business owners. “Ancient Chinese believe the Earth is alive and has its blood and vessels, like humans with a body,” Leung says. “In general, a good Feng Shui site indicates a place where the flow of ‘qi’ is particularly smooth, bringing wealth, health, and peace, and allowing those living on the land to flourish in the best possible way.”

To further benefit the well-being of those who will call Rockland Park home, developers have included a Homeowners Association, a fully managed exclusive lifestyle centre, sitting on a 4-acre park. The facility will host unique concierge services, events, and programs, exclusively for Rockland Park residents and their guests — each focusing on health, wellness, and connectivity.

To find out more about Rockland Park, visit the website here or pay a visit to Rockland Park Discovery Centre today.

Rockland Park Discovery Centre

Where: 146 Rowley Way NW

  • Monday to Thursday, 2 to 8 pm
  • Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, 12 to 5 pm
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