Art, tech, and storytelling collide at CAMP Festival 2019

Oct 1 2019, 6:08 pm

The sixth annual CAMP Festival is coming to Calgary this month.

Known for bringing together art, technology, and storytelling in a conference that draws in attendees from across North America, CAMP features a wide variety of presentations, workshops, panels, and, of course, networking opportunities.

This year’s event is expected to feature over 30 luminaries from international organizations including big names like Google, Amazon Music, ATB Financial, Facebook, and MIT.

Running from Monday, October 7 to Tuesday, October 8, CAMP Festival 2019 is expected to see over 800 attendees participating in the various offerings — including the aptly-named campfire chats, wherein the slideshows and power points will be done away with in favour of a more intimate, “sitting around the fire” type of discussion.

“Creative industries are in a constant state of flux and CAMP Festival brings awareness to emerging practices and cutting-edge technologies that many of our attendees might not otherwise have exposure to,‚ÄĚ said Bram Timmer, founder of CAMP Festival, in a release.

‚ÄúBy bringing together some of the world‚Äôs brightest creative minds, it is our hope that every attendee will leave inspired to push their own boundaries as they continue to innovate and challenge the status quo on the path to their own industry-shifting discoveries.‚ÄĚ


CAMP Festival

This year’s theme is mental health, with many of the sessions touching on stress, anxiety, and resilience in the workplace.

“Speakers will discuss the common challenges of managing the journey from professional highs experienced when achieving recognition, awards and accolades, to the lows resulting from failure, burnout and feelings of inadequacy,” the release states.

“Presentations will also include personal stories from speakers pertaining to mental health, including techniques on how to cope and methodology for building workplace culture that fosters mental wellness and work-life balance.”

Here’s a list of just a few of the professionals that will be heard from at Calgary’s Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts next week:

  • Fran√ßois Audouy, Production Designer of major motion pictures
  • Sands Fish, Artist/Researcher at the MIT Media Lab‚Äôs Space Exploration Initiative
  • Curtis Stange, President/CEO at ATB Financial (Calgary)
  • Dr. Ryan Todd, CEO/Psychiatrist at¬†Headversity (Calgary)
  • Wade Jeffree, Designer and Artist at Wade and Leta
  • Leta Sobierajski,¬†Designer and Artist at Wade and Leta
  • PJ Richardson, Co-Owner/Director/Executive Creative Director at¬†Laundry
  • Mike Hill, Concept Designer at¬†Mike Hill Design
  • Dhairya Dand,¬†Inventor and Artist, ODD Industries
  • Anastasia Victor,¬†Co-Founder and XR Designer at PLACE
  • Nadieh Bremer,¬†Data Visualization Designer at Visual Cinnamon
  • Neil Mendoza,¬†Maker at Neil Mendoza Studios
  • Kim Smith,¬†Author and Illustrator at Kim Smith Illustration
  • David Karlak, Director at
  • Hilal Koyuncu,¬†UX LEad and Manager at Google
  • Matt Luckhurst,¬†ECD and Founder at The New Company
  • Morgan Curley, Designer and Partner at Bamff
  • Marc Rimmer,¬†Designer and Partner at Bamff
  • David Ronhel,¬†Creative Director and Co-Founder at Hellohikimori
  • Guillaume Gouessan,¬†Creative Developer at Hellohikimori
  • Taylor Cashdan,¬†Principal, UX Design at Fidelity Investments
  • Leah Gregg,¬†Creative Stratiegist at
  • Xerxes Irani, Principal Creative Director at Amazon Music
  • Jeremy Klaszus,¬†Founder and Editor at The Sprawl
  • Iris Wong, Product Designer at Versett
  • Kia Valdez Bettcher, Designer at gskinner
  • Chris Kohanik, Designer at gskinner
  • Kara Gillespie, VP People and Culture at Trimac
  • Wendy Poirier,¬†Managing Director at Willis Towers Watson
  • Arthur Bodolec, Product Designer at Facebook
  • Andrea Wettstein, Co-Owner, Voice Director, Composer at Six Degrees
  • Kerilee Snatenchuk,¬†Director of People and Culture at ATB Financial

CAMP Festival 2019

When: Monday, October 7 to Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Time: Monday: Registration at 8 am, last session at 4:45 pm. Tuesday: Registration at 9 am, last session at 5:30 pm. Full schedule can be found here
Where:¬†Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts —¬†18 Mt Royal Cir SW
Tickets: Available online, $299.99, $99 for students

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