9 Calgary based artists you need to follow on Instagram

Sep 26 2017, 1:38 am

Thanks to Instagram, IKEA art can finally become a thing of the past.

If you’re not sure what kind of styles you like or what local artists are up your alley, Instagram is your ultimate tool for discovery. To get you started here’s a list of Instagram’s finest local talent.


Creator of hand-painted signs and decor, Tiffany paints her art on reclaimed wood sourced from the local Calgary area. You can view her work Instagram and buy it on Etsy.


One of the hippest artists in Calgary, Kyle’s nostalgia-with-a-twist style combines three-eyed Loony Toon characters with a skater punk theme. He is available for requests and has also been known to sketch up some epic tattoo pieces.

😼Trying to get that hair on point. #GOLFWANG #wip #prismacolor

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Mural painter and overall city beautifyer, you can see Elena’s work sprinkled all across Calgary. Her paintings are also available to purchase or commission.


More colour, less blah, Kyla’s landscapes are a burst of vibrancy. She deconstructs reality to create surreal mountain and seascapes just waiting to brighten up any apartment.


Desere is an abstract artist and painting instructor located in central Calgary. Her work echoes nature using unique shapes and fun colours.

Been painting for a few days straight… the silver lining of sharing custody gives some freedom to be in full service to this call. Here’s s little progress detail of the big new piece. Collapsing the linear illusion of time and weaving in my emotional memories of my recent ayahuasca journey – the push beyond faith .. the full surrender to oneness. So good to drop away from mind and into remembering what we are through this process. Even if for brief moments .. these little dips into the collective pool are so restorative. My intentions are that this process of prayer and art steeped into the weave of these paintings …serve as loving reminders that we are one love… allowing them to become windows into the deeper aspects of ourselves for all those who connect with them. ❤️🙏✨ . . . . . #prayerart #onelove #weareone #artoflove #vortex #consciousart #shadowandlight #makeartnotwar #ayahuascaart #healingarts #flowstate

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Tay is a freelance illustrator who sketches celebrities and animals. Her 90s inspired artwork is available for sale here.


Darrin’s artwork is scattered in private collections across Canada and New York. He is a high-achieving painter whose latest business venture is using Instagram as a digital studio for his work.


Nathan paints large-scale bohemian inspired masterpieces on wood. His style combines many cultural icons with blooming flowers, and connectivity.


Why do I love snow themes in summer? #snow #banff #painting #yyc #yycartist #yellow #trees

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An absolutely killer landscape painter who draws her inspiration from Southern British Columbia and Alberta. The result is awe-inspiring (and highly recognizable) mountainscapes that relate to your everyday life.

Hanging a painting in a home #yyc #design #colour #art #originalart #designervision #lovewhatido

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