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The good, the bad and the ugly: April Fools' jokes from across Canada

Ainsley Smith Apr 01, 2019 2:28 pm 37,650

Jokesters got their prank on this Monday for April Fools’ Day from coast to coast, marking the occasion with some pretty elaborate announcements.

And of course, a number of companies in Canada got in on the fun, with some jokes being extremely believable, while some were rather… questionable.

From WestJet’s Flyre Festival to the world’s largest Timbit from Tim Hortons, we’ve curated a list of the best pranks from across Canada.

Apologies in advance, none of these are real.

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BC RCMP Police Cat Services

BC RCMP announced a new four-legged police officers’ training that specializes in “claw enforcement” and ability to catch “purrpetrators.”

Chocolate Poutine from Purdys

Purdys Chocolate/Facebook

While it’s no secret that Canadians are obsessed with poutine, something tells us that foodies won’t be lining up to try poutine chocolate. Featuring creamy white chocolate blended with potato flakes and shredded white cheese curds topped with savoury dark chocolate caramel gravy, in a caramelized white chocolate shell *shudder*.

Cactus Club Cafe: Club Cactus


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Cactus Club Cafe announced Club Island, Vancouver’s first stand-alone floating restaurant off the shores of Stanley Park featuring 360-degree waterfront views and an all-season underwater dining room and a sea level bar and private cabanas.

McNugget Singles

This honestly doesn’t sound like such a bad idea considering you can already buy single Timbits from Tim Hortons. The only problem is you would probably want more than just one.

WestJet Flyre Festival

WestJet definitely had some fun with its April Fools’ prank, which is an immersive music festival at 35,000 feet on the airlines 787 Dreamliner.

Chicken Wing Flavoured Slurpees

Something tells us chicken wing enthusiasts would actually be on board with this one.

Chalet Sauce Ice Cream

Swiss Chalet Sauce has cult status in Canada, so serving it as an ice cream flavour seems almost plausible. But thankfully it’s not actually a thing.

Dairyland Left Handed Jugs

Canadian milk manufacturer Dairyland announces its plans to release a milk jug specifically for left-handed milk drinkers. Questionable… but possible?

Passenger Pigeon from Environment Canada

The Government of Canada revealed that it’s applying new experimental science methods to bring the passenger pigeon back from extinction.

Lie-Flat Seats from Swoop

WestJet’s low-cost carrier Swoop also got in on the April Fools’ action themselves, with this “recline-for-a-dime” promotion.

World’s Largest Timbit

This is actually something we would love to see happen… as long as we get to contribute to eating it.

The Dessert Burger from Harvey’s

Harvey’s revealed its prank via Twitter and we’re going to go out on a limb and say it’s not a beautiful thing. Introducing Harvey’s dessert burger, complete with a cherry on top.

Poutine Sub from Subway

What’s more Canadian than Poutine? Subway introduced its new poutine sub, which might not actually be all that bad. However, poutine-filled sandwich is a mere “product of our imagination” and not available for purchase.

Bacon Cheddar Protein Shake

White Spot/Facebook

Popular BC burger joint White Spot announced its bacon cheddar protein shake, which is a blended mixture of two of its best sellers: the classic Bacon Cheddar Burger and the Vanilla Milkshake. In total, White Spot notes that the drink has a whopping 49 grams of protein.

Custom Pajamas from Indochino

Image courtesy of Indochino

Indochino, the global leader in custom apparel, teased their custom pajamas, which “will do nothing for the comfort or quality of your sleep. But they’ll make you look cool.” Despite being a prank, this actually sounds like a pretty great idea.

RE/MAX “Sell It” Music Video

Aimed at showing the hardships of the current Toronto real estate market, RE/MAX’s West Kabani Realty’s prank features tactics currently being used by Toronto Realtors, and showcases a new way to make your property stand out from the sea of listings – a music video.

And finally…

Trudeau announces relocation of United Nations headquarters to Toronto

United Nations Toronto Headquarters

Preliminary conceptual artistic rendering of the new United Nations headquarters in the Portlands of Toronto. Not the final design. (Government of Canada)

Ahh if only this was true. Daily Hive Toronto convincingly reported that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a $6.2-billion relocation of the United Nations headquarters to Toronto’s Portlands, effectively turning Toronto into the world’s capital city.

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