40 anti-Muslim posters with hostile language found around University of Calgary today

Oct 5 2016, 4:57 am

In a release today, the University of Calgary said 40 anti-Muslim posters were found and removed by Campus Security on the University of Calgary’s main campus.

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The posters, which read “Dear Muslims” at the top, is followed by a list of vulgar sentences and sayings. It goes on to say “keep your barbaric ways right where they belong…in your 7th-century homelands” and ends with the hashtag #GetTheFuckOuttaHere.

“These are disturbing, extremely offensive posters that in no way reflect the inclusive, diverse and caring culture of this university,” said University of Calgary President, Elizabeth Cannon. “Campus Security took immediate action to remove these posters and will be working with Calgary Police to investigate who posted them.”

The campus community gathered at noon to show solidarity and support. Cannon said the posters “in no way reflect the inclusive, diverse and caring culture of this university.”

“We also have reached out to our Muslim Students’ Association, Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association, Calgary Ismaili Students’ Association, Thaqalayn Muslim Association, Women’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association, and our faith and spirituality community to offer support — services are available through our campus Wellness Centre.”

Anyone with information, or who finds more posters can contact Campus Security.

Malika KarimMalika Karim

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