10 of the best American Super Bowl ads you probably didn't see

Dec 19 2017, 11:05 am

Super Bowl 50 saw Carolina take on Denver (only to lose), but those two teams weren’t the only stars of the show yesterday.

A host of hilarious and epic Super Bowl ads flashed across screens everywhere, but, as is usually the case, Canadian audiences lost out on many of the most clever commercials (save for Helen Mirren’s brilliant anti-drinking and driving Budweiser spot).


Never fear. Here are some of the celebrity-studded ads you probably didn’t see; and chances are, there will be a few things you won’t be able to unsee, like Willam Defoe dressed as Marilyn Monroe.

Mountain Dew

[youtube id=”ql7uY36-LwA”]

With its frightening “PuppyMonkeyBaby,” maybe it’s best we didn’t see this one in Canada. Yikes.


[youtube id=”eI8YZdejPKg”]

You have to hand it to Steve Harvey for this one – the man is able to laugh at himself. After his Miss Universe card-reading blunder, the Family Feud host joined T-Mobile for this funny venture.


[youtube id=”-R_483zeVF8″]

Kevin Hart plays a creepy dad in this Hyundai commercial who uses a tracking device to follow his daughter around on her date – the daughter is seemingly unaware while Hart intimidates her suitor.


[youtube id=”vH2LsFcWOFY”]

This Doritos commercial shows just how irresistible these chips can be to unborn babies. Just watch and you’ll see what we mean.


[youtube id=”WhfntLl6xx0″]

When Marilyn Monroe is hungry, she gets crabby – and apparently morphs into Willam Defoe. Check out those legs. Bonus cameo from Canadian comedy icon Eugene Levy included.

Bud Light

[youtube id=”JohgwbpQuy8″]

Comedy duo Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen teamed up to bring you the “Bud Light Party.” Taking aim at the 2016 presidential election, the two claim they have the biggest caucus in American history – “but you can handle it.”


[youtube id=”21ivbtgqJkg”]

This bizarre ad features Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and his “Skittle portrait.” Another one that makes you furrow your brow, but you can’t seem to turn away.


[youtube id=”kTaCT8ZmdJA”]

What could be better than talking animals? Maybe talking sheep? Or sheep singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love?” We’ll take the last option with this Honda commercial.

Avocados From Mexico

[youtube id=”1ndPEQCoSzk”]

Yes, avocados even got ad space in this year’s Super Bowl. In a strange commercial that shows the possible demise of humans, aliens tour a museum dedicated to what life for humans was like. Prepare for appearances from some of your favourite pop-culture icons, including “the dress.”

Jason Bourne

[youtube id=”_gBnmKOixDM”]

While this doesn’t follow the funny theme that’s apparent here, it’s certainly epic. Matt Damon is returning for the next instalment of the Bourne series, and for fans, this first look surely won’t disappoint.

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