Don't be alarmed if you smell smoke around the Kananaskis Valley

Oct 28 2016, 9:56 pm

Alberta Parks has started a series of prescribed fires in the Kananaskis Valley area. The controlled burn will help manage future wildfires and keep grasslands and forests healthy.

The Evan-Thomas 10-Year Vegetation Management Strategy (ETVMS) has been set in motion to produce two controlled burns each year over 10 years. This will help protect public safety, promote habitat diversity and maintain ecological and recreational values.

The last wildfire in this region was recorded 80 years ago in 1936, burning most of the area in one afternoon. Since then, effective wildfire prevention measures have nearly eliminated fire from this landscape.

The Evan-Thomas area includes portions of five provincial parks covering 20,000 hectares, of which 1,500 hectares are involved in the ETVMS.