Alberta just saw highest one-day increase in coronavirus cases since July

Aug 21 2020, 3:36 pm


That’s how many new cases of coronavirus were detected in Alberta over the past 24 hours.

New numbers from the Province of Alberta show that August 20 registers as the highest single-day increase in coronavirus cases that the province has seen in over a month.

The last time we saw new cases in these numbers was on July 17, which saw 166 new cases in one day.

Though even that day in mid-July was an outlier, as that marked the only other day since the initial outbreak to see a daily number count over 140.


Province of Alberta

Prior to that was April 30, which saw 228 total new cases detected.

At its height in the first wave, Alberta saw new daily coronavirus cases reach as high as 350 on April 23. We also saw new cases dip as low as 13 on May 25, and have seen new daily cases hovering just under the 100 mark all throughout July and August.

The past 24 hours also saw a rise in active cases by 60, as well as two new deaths related to the virus.

As always, Albertans are encouraged to follow public health protocols including practicing proper physical distancing, maintaining good hand hygiene, wearing a mask when out in public, and staying home when they are feeling sick.

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