10% of Albertans think economy is in good shape

Dec 19 2017, 11:17 am

This is kind of crazy – somehow one in 10 Albertans still think the economy is going well, according to a new poll by Insights West.

In an online survey of 602 people from March 9 to 12, the market research firm also found 16% of Albertans actually expect the economy to improve over the next six months.

If this poll – or its participants’ responses – are to be believed, then people’s perceptions of their personal circumstances are on the up too.

More than half of those polled said their personal economic situation was “very good” or “good” right now.

Meanwhile, 6% said it was likely they would be promoted in the next six months, and 15% said a raise was likely on the cards.

So how do Albertans plan to spend all this extra cash?

More than 40% said they would be going on holiday, eating out, going to the movies and buying new clothes just as much, if not more, than usual.

Here’s to Albertans’ sense of optimism!

DH Calgary StaffDH Calgary Staff

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