More Alberta flights identified for potential coronavirus exposure

Sep 3 2020, 1:04 am

More flights through Alberta’s major airports have been identified by the Government of Canada for possible coronavirus exposure on board.

Flights through Calgary:

The federal government says someone who tested positive was on board Air Canada flight AC210 on August 26 from Vancouver to Calgary. Rows 21 to 27 are the most at risk.

Also on August 26, someone positive for COVID-19 was on board WestJet flight  WS144 from Fort McMurray to Calgary.

The third August 26 flight identified was WestJet flight  WS232 from Calgary to Halifax. Rows 21 to 27 were at the most risk.

The feds also named Air Canada flight AC8375 on August 27 from Calgary to Fort McMurray for potential coronavirus exposure. Rows 14 to 20 were closest to the coronavirus-positive passenger.

Flights to Edmonton:

Two Flair Air flights that landed in Edmonton were recently named for potential coronavirus exposure.

Flair Air flight F8711 from Vancouver to Edmonton on August 24 had rows 6 to 18 most at risk. On the same day and with the same flight number, Flair Air’s Prince George to Edmonton flight is also thought to have coronavirus exposure. Rows 26 to 32 were most at risk for that flight.

The government keeps a list online of all domestic and international flights arriving in Canada where someone who tested positive was on board.

Passengers on an affected flight should monitor for symptoms for 14 days after exposure. Self-isolation and a COVID-19 test are only required if you develop symptoms.

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