What you need to know about the Alberta Budget 2017 (VIDEO)

Mar 17 2017, 6:17 pm

The Alberta NDP government released the provincial budget for 2017.

While some people think the spending is necessary, others think the government should be focusing on repaying the $10.3 billion deficit.

Here are a list of highlights that will affect Albertans across the province.


  • Reducing school fees for parents with children in the K-12 education system, including instructional supplies or materials and transportation.
  • Extending the tuition freeze in post-secondary institutions to a third year.
  • Putting a ceiling rate on electricity prices to 6.8 cents per kilowatt hour.
  • Providing carbon levy rebates to low and middle income Albertans with up to $300 for single adults, $450 for couples, and $45 per child

Jobs and Diversity

  • $13 million to attract and support new businesses and pursue regional economic development.
  • $46 million for apprenticeship delivery and new training opportunities.
  • $85 million towards English as a Second Language programs, as well as skills and academic upgrading and occupational skills programs.
  • The Petrochemicals Diversification Program provides up to $500 million in royalty credits to encourage investment in facilities to upgrade methane and propane to higher-value products. 4,000 construction jobs at three facilities have been approved.


  • 21.4 billion in 2017-18 to provide long-term stable funding for health care.
  • Adding over 1,000 new continuing care beds across the province


School bus wifi


  • 8.2 billion to fund enrolment growth in the K-12 education system.

Advanced Education

  • $6 billion for Advanced Education to provide stable funding for post-secondary.
  • Base operating grants for institutions will increase 2% per year, while the tuition freeze continues for a third year
  • Renewal of 3.6 million to provide mental health support for post-secondary students.
  • $96 million in scholarships
  • $56 million for grants
  • $4.4 million to support increased demand for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship and 4.2 million for the Alberta Low Income Grant.
  • $630 million for student loans

Employment Support

Young workers reflecting on the jobs they left behind (Eugenio Marongiu/Shutterstock)

Young workers reflecting on the jobs they left behind (Eugenio Marongiu/Shutterstock)

  • $826 million for employment and income support, including $605 million for programs to help eligible Albertans cover costs of living and to find or maintain jobs.
  • $257 million for adult and child health benefit programs.
  • $31 million increase in Community and Social Services and Health to support unemployed Albertans.

Justice System

  • $14.5 million to hire 35 crown prosecutors and 30 court support staff.


Sleeping child/ Shutterstock

  • $174 million for the Alberta Child Benefit, with up to $2,785 each year to vulnerable Alberta families
  • Maximum annual credit of $733 for families with one child and up to $2,038 for families with four children or more from the Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit


  • $7.6 billion in municipal infrastructure support.
  • $4.7 billion for capital maintenance and renewal.
  • $3.8 billion for climate change and environmental sustainability.
  • $4.5 billion for health infrastructure including $400 million towards the planning and implementation of a new hospital in Edmonton.
  • $3.1 billion for roads and bridges.
  • $2.6 billion for roads and bridges.
  • $754 million for post-secondary capital projects.
  • $100 million to support Albertans living on reserves who do not have access to clean drinking water.

Climate Leadership

  • Ending pollution from coal-generated electricity by 2030.
  • Developing renewable energy to supply 30% of generation by 2030.
  • Limiting oil sands extraction emissions to 100 megatons per year.
  • Reducing methane emissions by 45% below 2014 levels by 2025

Cost Savings

  • Reducing salaries of the highest paid CEOs of 23 provincial agencies to save $16 million per year.
  • Amalgamating or cutting 26 agencies, boards and commissions.
  • Freezing salaries of political staff and management in the Alberta Public Service and agencies boards and commissions.
  • Signing a new agreement with Alberta’s doctors that will save $400 million this year.

Here’s a video of President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance Joe Ceci at the press release on March 16, 2017.

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