Alberta has more active COVID-19 cases than any other Canadian province

Nov 25 2020, 6:13 pm

Alberta now has more active cases of COVID-19 than any other province in the country.

With 13,349 active infections as of November 24, Alberta has surpassed both Ontario and Quebec, who sit at 12,917 and 10,819, respectively.

The two largest provinces in Canada had been first and second for most active cases throughout the majority of the pandemic, and still lead the country in total cases (106,510 for Ontario and 134,330 for Quebec) and deaths (3,519 and 6,887), according to the Government of Canada.


Active cases by province/Government of Canada

In contrast, Alberta has seen 49,536 total cases and 492 deaths as a result of the ongoing pandemic so far.

Alberta’s new position as province with the most active cases comes as a result of the recent surge in new COVID-19 cases detected over the past few weeks, which saw active cases skyrocket from just 1,700 at the start of October to 6,000 at the start of November to the over 13,000 seen today.

Total cases by province/Government of Canada

The increase in cases has also come with an increase to hospitalizations with 348 people currently in hospital as a result of the virus, 66 of which are in the ICU.

The alarming increase to hospitalizations and cases overall spurred the provincial government into action, implementing new public health measures on November 24 in an effort to reduce the spread.


Total deaths by province/Government of Canada

The orders include a ban on indoor social gatherings as well as new limits for outdoor gatherings, occupancy limits at businesses, a new mask mandate, and an extended winter break for school children, among others.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw has noted that it usually takes around two weeks for new public health measures to show themselves in the daily COVID-19 numbers, if at all, so Alberta will likely know if these measures were enough to stem the rate of infection by early December.

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