9 things that happened around the world this week you should know about

Dec 19 2017, 11:31 am

Each week, we bring you a roundup of some of the biggest stories making headlines around the world.

Here are nine things that happened outside of Calgary last week that you should know about (in no particular order):

1. 4,000 refugees rescued off Libyan coast

Over 4,000 refugees were rescued on Thursday off of the coast of Libya after ships transporting migrants sank. Smugglers were attempting to move refugees across the Mediterranean when disaster struck and the ships they were travelling on capsized. The Italian coast guard led 22 rescue operations that saved over 4,000 refugees. 20 people drowned and that number is expected to grow as two other shipwrecks were also reported on Thursday between the cities of Sabratha and Zwara.

U.N. spokeswoman Barbara Molinario said that calmer seas are encouraging more migrants to make the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean in order to seek safety in Europe. 

2. U.S. drone strike kills Taliban leader

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A U.S. drone strike in Pakistan has killed Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansour. U.S. President Barack Obama confirmed the Mansour’s death, calling it an “important milestone” in order to bring peace to Afghanistan.

“We have removed the leader of an organisation that has continued to plot against and unleash attacks on American and Coalition forces, to wage war against the Afghan people, and align itself with extremist groups like Al-Qaeda,” Obama stated. 

3. Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung erupts

Seven people were killed after Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung erupted on Monday. The volcano spewed clouds and ash that covered several villages as far as 12km away from the volcano. Mount Sinabung last erupted in 2014, resulting in dozens of casualties.

4. ISIS kills dozens in Syria bombing spree

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At least 150 people were killed and 200 were injured in the Syrian coastal cities of Jableh and Tartous on Monday. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Both Jableh and Tartous have escaped most of Syria’s violence. ISIS claimed to be targeting supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 

5. India records its hottest day ever

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Roads are melting in Phalodi, India, due to record-breaking temperatures. Phalodi is located in the state of Rajasthan. Thursday was the hottest day ever recorded in India as temperatures soared to 51°C. The previous temperature record of 50.6°C was set in 1956. The extreme heat wave has killed 150 across the northern region of the country. 

6. Muslim woman takes selfie with anti-Muslim protesters

Zakia Belkhiri is making headlines for taking a selfie. The young Muslim woman confronted anti-Muslim protesters at the third annual Muslim Expo held in Antwerp, Belgium. The selfie of Belkhiri posing with the protesters has gone viral. Belkhiri told BBC news that her selfie was not a form of protest, but rather a way to “share joy and peace.” However, Belkhiri has come under scrutiny after screenshots of offensive and anti-semitic tweets dating back to 2012 started surfacing on the internet shortly after her selfie post went viral. She has since apologized for the tweets.  

7. Bolivian police use water cannons on disabled activists

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Bolivian police used water cannons on disabled protesters this week. The demonstration took place in the city of La Paz outside of the President’s office. The protesters were demanding more government support for disability services. Police came at the crowd with water cannons. However, Bolivian police claim they had to retaliate after several protesters allegedly charged at them with knives and crutches.

8. World’s largest refugee camp is shutting down displacing 600,000 people

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The world’s largest refugee camp located in Kenya will be shutting down and over 600,000 people will be displaced as a result. The camp, located in the town of Dadaab, will be closing by May 17, 2017. According to Kenya’s Deputy President William Turo, the camp is a hot spot for radicalization.

“Kenya has been faithful to her international obligations of humanitarian assistance… But no country can shoulder humanitarian responsibilities at the expense of security of her people,” Ruto tweeted on Monday.

9. Donald Trump wins enough delegates to secure U.S. Republican Party presidential nomination

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Donald Trump has secured enough delegates to become the U.S. Republican Party’s official nominee for president. With 1,237 delegates, Trump defeated his 16 other Republican competitors. The Republican party will officially announce Trump’s nomination in July. 

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