4 great reasons for getting your groceries delivered

Dec 19 2017, 11:29 am

When faced with the daily grind of your usual nine-to-five, the concept of living a healthy lifestyle can feel a little trivial.

Since most of us live busy lives, the idea of something as a simple as landing some greens on our dinner plates can start to feel like the plot of a Mission Impossible movie.

As it turns out, there’s some hope for anyone with a busy schedule however. An online organic grocery store is saving grace by delivering delivering organic foods straight to your front door. Spud.ca lets you skip the lines so you can wear your sweats and complete the tasks you actually feel committed to.

We’ve compiled a list of the top four benefits of using this awesome service as an alternative to visiting a regular grocery store.

1. It’s convenient

With just a few clicks, Spud.ca gets your favourite foods to your place, whether you’re home or not. There’s no longer any need to jump in your car, haul a cart full of groceries to pop in the trunk, and after, cram them into your building’s elevator. Skip the grocery store lines and put on your sweats instead to do the tasks that matter.

2. It’s healthier

Forget about processed foods or other items packed with harmful chemicals. Spud.ca offers organic foods to help you live a healthier lifestyle. It has no plastic bags, almost zero food waste, carries no items with GMO’s, hormones, or any icky stuff at all. It also supports local farmers and vendors so you can give back to your own community.

3. Better spending habits

There’s something about walking into a grocery store only to smell a plethora of tasty foods leading you to an inevitable ‘impulse buy’ scenario. We can all relate to those times when we enter a grocery store to buy celery, only to exit with three bags of unhealthy food. It’s easier to resist these temptations when you buy your food online, meaning you’ll save yourself some cash to spend on something better.

4. Time

Buying from Spud.ca gives you some extra downtime to binge on your favourite Netflix shows or take a run along the Douglas Fir Trail instead. Cancel your grocery trips to see your friends, catch up with your family, and experience more of the activities you love.

For more information on Calgary’s delivery options check out Spud.ca and stay in the know via Facebook and Twitter.


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