300,000 Albertans will be getting a raise next month

Sep 5 2018, 10:59 pm

Get ready to see a fatter paycheque come October, Calgary.

Alberta’s final minimum wage increase will finally come into effect as of October 1, raising the lowest possible wage earned from $13.60 to $15 per hour.

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The province has been seeing gradual wage increases over the past few years, all working towards the $15 mark that will be reached by the end of this month.

Last October, the minimum wage had gone from $12.20 an hour to the current $13.60 and will jump by yet another $1.40 before coming to a rest.

According to a report released by Public Interest Alberta, more than 300,000 Albertans will benefit from the scheduled increase, including over 110,000 in the Calgary area.

“We have gone on too long allowing workers to be paid poverty-level wages,” said Joel French, Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta, in the release.

“The minimum wage increase will allow these Albertans to better support their families. It is also part of building a strong economy where no one is left behind.”

It is also noted that, while people may assume that most minimum wage earners are teenagers working part-time jobs, the majority of those earning below $15 an hour are people 20 years of age or older.

“The common myth that most low wage workers are teenagers living in their parents’ basements is simply not true,” said French.

“The vast majority are at least 20-years-old. Most of these people are trying to start their careers or are in the middle of their careers trying to support their families. These are the people who need it the most.”

Public Interest Alberta marks the living wage in Calgary at $18.15 per hour, which is more than what 183,800 Calgarians are currently making.

While the minimum wage increase does not quite reach that living wage, it at least will lessen that gap.

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