3 ways to cheer on your favourite team at the 2021 World Juniors like a pro

Dec 29 2020, 12:28 pm

If you’re an avid hockey fan or have picked up watching sports in recent months, you’re probably looking forward to the upcoming IIHF World Junior Championship. And Edmontonians, rejoice because it’s being hosted right in your backyard. 

While cheering on your favourite team isn’t possible in-person this year, being a fan from home comes with its own set of perks. Think comfy pants, your cushiest chair, lots of warmth, and all your favourite snacks within easy reach. To help you get inspired, here are some tips on how to connect with your hockey buddies to get your cheer on.

Testing Testing…1, 2, 3

Technology is a lifeline for any virtual game parties. Make sure you check that your computer is fully updated, your wifi signal is strong, and you have a fully charged battery to power your game. If you’re Zooming in your friends, be a good party host and make sure they do the same too. 

Don’t Forget Your Senses 


For the most immersive experience, make sure you’re also checking off your five senses. 

Sound: Time to test out the sound system that you scored during Black Friday and queue up the surround sound. Turn that baby on blast as you’ll want to hear the commentator’s play-by-play reactions loud and clear. Just make sure you’re being a friendly neighbour and the volume is set at a respectful range. 

Sight: Clean your computer or TV screen so you have a crystal clear picture and don’t mistake a dust bunny for a fast-moving puck. We’ve all been there. 

Touch: Who’s your hockey crew? Be it your roommate or your family, get that crew all together so it gives more of that live game feel…and so you can give some enthusiastic high fives when your team scores! Living alone? No problem. Call your core bubble to come over or try some virtual high-fiving.

Taste, smell, and stomach: Is any party complete without snacks? You’ll want to keep your energy up during intense games, so be sure to stop by your local Subway® restaurant to pick up a footlong. 

Pro tip: starting on December 18, you’ll get a scratch card when you purchase any footlong at a participating Subway® restaurant. You could win cool prizes like signed hockey sticks, a $2,500 shopping spree, Subway® gift cards, and more. Talk about a win-win situation. For all the details, visit hockeycanada.ca/subway.

Bring Your A-Game 

And lastly, to cheer on your favourite team like a pro, bring your best cheerleading skills to the table. Don’t stress about memorizing the full team roster in detail or knowing every rule and violation in hockey. 

Keep your eye on the puck and if you’re confused about that latest call in the game, consult your super hockey fan friend or check out the game’s hashtag on social media. There’s bound to be someone complaining or applauding the penalty! 

Because, in the end, the good ol’ hockey game is still the best game you can name!

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