Zelenskyy gets standing ovation for minutes after powerful address to Canada (VIDEO)

Mar 15 2022, 7:04 pm

Canadian politicians gave Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a long standing ovation after he gave a powerful speech to parliament.

In a virtual address to the House of Commons on Tuesday, Zelenskyy implored Canadians to put themselves in Ukraine’s shoes during Russia’s invasion of the country.

ā€œImagine, each of you, that at 4 am,Ā youĀ startĀ hearingĀ explosions,ā€ Zelenskyy asked.Ā ā€œJustin,Ā canĀ youĀ imagineĀ you and your childrenĀ hearingĀ allĀ theseĀ severeĀ explosions ā€”Ā bombingĀ ofĀ airports, bombing ofĀ Ottawa airport, tens of other cities of your wonderful countryā€¦ CanĀ youĀ imagineĀ that?ā€ he said.

To put the war into perspective for Canadians, the president referenced major cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

ā€œImagine that someone is sieging Vancouver. Can you just imagine that for a second?ā€ he said. “This is exactly the situation that our city of Mariupol is suffering right now. They are left without heat or hydro, without means of communicating, almost without food, without water, seeking shelter in bomb shelters.”

“Can you imagine the famous CN Tower in Toronto if it was hit by Russian bombs? Of course, I donā€™t wish this on anyone, but this is our reality in which we live,” added Zelenskyy, painting a vivid picture.

Once the president ended his chilling address, members of parliament, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, stood up to give him a standing ovation that lasted for about three whole minutes.

You can watch it here:

The House then proceeded to chant “Slava Ukraini!” or “glory to Ukraine!”

Shortly after Zelenskyy’s address, Russia blacklisted Trudeau and 312 other Canadians from entering the country.

Russia launched its full-scale invasion on Ukraine at the end of February. Since then, the country has experienced a mass exodus of refugees, many of them being women and children.

According to a new Leger poll, many Canadians fear that a third world war is on the horizon.

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