Behold: The Zack Morris iPhone Case

Dec 19 2017, 5:06 am

Want to step back in time and look really cool?  Well look no further than this Urban Outfitter’s Zack Morris case for your iPhone. If you don’t know who Zack Morris is, well than you probably don’t want this case and you can carry on reading some other material. The case as you can imagine is quite bulky and stands 7.5-inches tall. So you won’t be putting this in your jean pocket anytime son, especially if you wear skinny jeans. However, you can shove it down the front and simultaneously increase the size of your bulge. I don’t practice this but hey some guys stuff so who am I too judge and please women don’t judge, you do this all the time with padded bras and lululemon pants mmmkay. 

Don’t worry businessmen and women, you too can rock this and go all Gordon Gekko on your colleagues. The original Gordon Gekko, not the new bullshit one.

As a bonus, if you drop your phone, I’m pretty sure it will remain intact.

via Mac World

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