UPDATE: Zach Galifianakis is getting married in Vancouver on Saturday

Update: Zach and Quinn’s wedding has come and gone. Rumours of the couple dinning at the Tea House Saturday night were just that- rumours. The couple did in fact have their rehearsal dinner at the Tea House in Stanley Park this past Thursday, but did not return. Instead the couple pulled a three-card monte and kept us guessing on where the event would actually take place. Having paparazzi posted at all the Greek Orthodox churches in the Vancouver area, frustration grew as Zach and Quinn were no shows.

In the end reports say the couple shared their vows during a private ceremony at UBC Farms (originally thought to be somewhere in the Furry Creek/Squamish area). Sarah Silverman (one of the guests reported to be in town) tweeted earlier this week;

“To those who feel they deserve more rights than others, I say: ‘Let them eat cock’ #MarriageEquality”.

Other guest who are reported to be in town for the wedding are Patton Oswalt, tweeting;

“Holy Oliver Reed, I am DRUNK”.

Amongst his fellow comedians are Hangover stars Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms who also made the trip to celebrate the special occasion.

With all the rumours, gossip and unknowns. The only thing we know for sure, is that the couple did in fact get married in our beautiful province.

Felix Kay,
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Original: Hangover star Zach Galifianakis is currently in Vancouver for his wedding. That’s right folks, in less than 24 hours Zach Galifianakis will be officially off the market as he finally ties the knot with his long time love Quinn Lundberg in a private ceremony here in Vancouver.  Zach flew into Vancouver a week ago where he was met at the airport by local paparazzi (yes we have them too). He told the local paps that he was here to attend his close friend’s funeral. Little did we know it was actually for the wedding this whole time. Rumours say the couple will be dinning at the Tea House in Stanley Park tomorrow evening after the ceremony.

Who else is in town? Well Entourage Jerry Ferrara is spending his weekend in Vancouver Tweeting;

“Vancouver is not so bad! Kind of like it.” and “Walking Vancouver streets Kind of lost My iPhone gave up a while ago.”

No one really knows 100% why he’s visiting Canada’s “Hollywood North”. The only project Jerry has right now in-production is “Empire State” which is filmed in New York. So what made him take the trip besides escaping the Los Angeles heat wave? – Her name is Katie Cassidy, a hot young actress who is currently in Vancouver filming CW’s much anticipated television show “Arrow” based on DC’s “Green Arrow” playing “Dinah Laurel Lance” which is set to air, Wednesday, October 10th on CTV.

There has been speculation that they are a couple, which gives Turtle a pretty good reason to be in Vancouver (the things guys do for women, let me tell you). A few days ago they were pictured at the Carbon Audio’s Zooka launch party in West Hollywood and they are constantly tweeting each other, but all we can do at this point is speculate since neither one has confirmed or denied they are a couple.  So, If Katie Cassidy is not the reason Turtle is here, what else could it be? Oh ya.. the wedding.

From all of us at Vancity Buzz congratulations Zach and Quinn. Hope it goes smoothly, and don’t forget to breathe.

Image via: Mimi Ritzen Crawford for The Wall Street Journal