YWCA launches toolkit for people to report sexualized ads (VIDEO)

Apr 27 2018, 2:00 am

The YWCA Metro Vancouver has launched what it says is a “simple tool kit” for the public to report what they view as “problematic” ads.

As part of the campaign, the YWCA has released a video and says that “for decades, sexualization in advertising has been linked to violence against women.”

In addition, the YWCA says this has also allowed “harmful” stereotypes to be perpetuated in the sale of everything from cars to cleaning products.

The idea of the new video and campaign is make Canadians aware that they have the power to report ads that violate the Canadian code of advertising standards and have been published within the last three months in Canadian media, that they feel are problematic.

“We are hoping this YWCA tool with start a greater conversation around problematic gender stereotypes we see so often in advertising and media,” said Chantelle Krish, Director of Communications and Advocacy.

Krish told Daily Hive that, at a consumer level, “evidence suggests people are less inclined to buy products and services that perpetuate harmful ideas around gender.”

Objectification and hypermasculinization, she added, “has also been linked to leading mental issues among young women and men, and we are seeing these impacts manifest in our communities at an alarming rate. ”

Krish said the new tool “gives people a way to take action and let advertisers know that this is not okay.”

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