Young woman brings community to DTES through Whole Way House Summer Picnic in August

Dec 19 2017, 11:47 am

Whole Way House is a DTES charity founded by young siblings Jenny and Josh Konkin. It is located in the Avalon hotel — a single room occupancy building that houses approximately 85 low-income tenants the the DTES.

After seeing the loneliness and lack of connections that their DTES tenants experience, the young siblings founded Whole Way House on the ground level of the building.

On August 24, they have their 2nd annual Family Picnic at Stanley Park and tickets are by donation. BBQ will be served by Earls Restaurant and there will be games and silent auction etc.

Whole Way House is a charitable society that aims to create a safe and welcoming environment where tenants can build meaningful relationships and have a sense of community. They are offering friendship and support to those who are often lonely and isolated.

From weekly “family dinners” to games nights, cooking classes and haircuts from the hip local barbers at Chop Shop, Whole Way House works to help residents to feel connected and accepted. They are even planting a garden on the rooftop so the guys can be outside and grow some of their own food.