Young entrepreneurs need your support to launch Vancouver’s most convenient app

Dec 20 2017, 1:52 am

How many times do you sit at home or in your office, trying to finish your work before the grocery store closes? And we all can relate to spending 15 minutes waiting in line for our Chipotle fix during the lunch rush. In fact, did you know that the average person spends 7,500 hours of their lives waiting in line? Imagine what we’d be able to accomplish with all of that lost time.

Dunsmuir Designs has the solution to the problem. They have designed LUX, an app that can effectively help you conserve your time. In essence, the app allows interaction between people in the same area – ones who need jobs done, and ones with ability to do them. It’s simple- post a job, and someone within the vicinity will get it done for you for a small tip.  Whether it’s picking up tools from Staples or getting the latest seasonal Tim Hortons donut, LUX makes it all possible.

Dunsmuir Desings

Image: Dunsmuir Designs

This simple, yet powerful concept can help reshape city living. This app can not only solve your everyday problems with time management, but also generate jobs for people with some spare time. Now imagine a project like this applied in Boston or New York. Millions of people, with thousands of errands to run. Inefficiency within our society will be eradicated. LUX will in essence create it’s own mini-economy.

Dunsmuir Designs

Image: Dunsmuir Designs

The team behind LUX is made-up entirely of award-winning high school students who strive to make a difference in the community and LUX is just the beginning of their ambitions.

The app is currently in its developmental stages. The team behind it has detailed execution plans, but are currently without the necessary $35,000 in funding that they need in order to  make this project a reality. They have begun a Kickstarter page and they need the support of the people of Vancouver to bring this to life. If the goal is reached, Dunsmuir Designs promises a stretch goal. They’re currently accepting ideas (e.g. A private party in Vancouver, or a ‘meet the team’).

You can submit your ideas at [email protected] for a chance to be an organizer for the stretch goal.

On top of providing unique backer rewards, Dunsmuir Designs INC promises to put forward 15 per cent of its first year application revenue into developing opportunities for the homeless in downtown Vancouver.

Don’t forget to show your support by pledging to their Kickstarter campaign.

You can find more details and contact information on Dunsmuir Designs’ Facebook page, Twitter page and website.

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