You Can't Heal If You Don't Forgive

Dec 19 2017, 5:00 am

The aftermath of the riots was disgusting to say the least.  Many were negatively and deeply affected and perhaps it’s too early for forgiveness?  With that said, it is certainly not too early for apologies.  It will take time but I believe we Vancouverites will find it in our hearts to forgive those who ask for it with sincerity. We are all human and as likely as we are to commit mistakes we are just as likely to rectify them, given the opportunity to do so.  Thus far we are doing an amazing job of rebuilding our reputation; cleaning up the mess as a community, supporting the “This Is My Vancouver” initiative, sending the VPD pictures, videos and tips to hold those accountable for their actions, etc.  Let’s not ruin this by slandering those individuals who come to us with apologies with racial remarks and such.  Let’s be able to add forgiveness, in our own time, to the list of commendable things we have done in the aftermath.  It is only by forgiving that we will be able to heal and move forward from this tragic event.  I’m not suggesting that everyone forgive all the idiots for their actions, but at least listen to their apologies with an open mind.

Comment below or tweet @VancityBuzz to tell us what it will take for you to grant forgiveness.  Stay classy Vancouver.

Image: EntheosFog

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