Yoga Conference and Show Review

Dec 19 2017, 5:12 am

Alright, so here we are after the Yoga Conference and Show! Hopefully many of you printed your free pass off the Yoga On The Flow Facebook page and went to check out the show, because it was a good one. There were so many booths that it took me all 3 days to be able to visit all of them. There were booths selling yoga props and yoga fashion, showcasing yoga studios, as well as booths about alternative health such as chiropractic care, Ayurveda, etc. I was also pleasantly surprised to see car2go at the Yoga Show and just had to go and say hello. Many of the booths had contests running to win an array of things like passes to yoga studios, gift cards to purchase yoga props and accessories. So good luck to those of you that entered! Besides the booths the Garden classes were a huge attraction. There were both studios as well as teachers from the conference teaching classes or mini seminars. It was exciting to see so many people participating in the garden classes; some people didn’t even look like they came with the intention to practice but did anyways in their jeans! It was awesome to see everyone get inspired to take part in the Garden classes. If you didn’t get the chance this year to explore the Yoga Show, make sure you do so next year!

Now on to the real reason I spent the weekend at the Convention Centre, to deepen my knowledge at the Yoga Conference. My most anticipated class of the three I signed up for was the “Breath and Anatomy” workshop with Leslie Kaminoff. Although it was a great workshop, it wasn’t the workshop I learned the most in. There was nothing in the workshop that made me think “Oh, I should apply that to my teaching”. Probably because I have read Leslie’s book “Yoga Anatomy” so many times that it truly is a part of my teaching already. The class that I learned the most in was Blake Martin’s “Ow! I Think I Sprained My Cow.” (in reference to Cow Face pose aka Gomukhasana). Blake has a PhD in Kinesiology and Neuroscience so in his workshop we spent a lot of time on Physiology which I loved. In Susi Hately’s “How to Work with Knee Pain” workshop we learned about how to look at the knee in relation to the hip and the ankle. The thing I took from her workshop was where to start working when there is a knee problem, her suggestions to look beyond the knee and work at the hip was extremely beneficial. By the end of the 3 days I would have to say that I learned some great new therapeutics to apply to my students. Next year I plan on taking every Blake Martin class I can as well as exploring other therapeutic workshops. Thanks to all of you who came out to participate in the Vancouver Yoga Show and Conference!

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