Programs that can actually help you get a job after graduation

Dec 19 2017, 9:34 pm

Summer is almost here, and that means that soon-to-be grads will be hitting the beach and lounging at their nearest and dearest watering holes.

But there’s just one problem: they might be neglecting their job hunt, the very thing that will allow them to make it in the world beyond their studies.

Of course, no one blames them for enjoying a well-earned break after years of drab classrooms, libraries, and endless exams. Like a bear exiting hibernation mode, students want to transition from school to work life at a leisurely pace, balancing napping with the hottest happy hours.

But this one’s pretty inevitable: your parents will start dropping those not-so-subtle hints about ‘paying your way’ and forwarding you every job posting they see. Reality hits and you realize you have close to zero work experience in your field and no clue as to what your job prospects are.

The transition between post-secondary studies and full-time employment can be tough – especially for new grads looking to find work in their chosen field. After all, look at any job posting and it’s not the education requirement that’s the issue.

Instead, for many students, it’s the two or three years of practical experience that presents a major stumbling block. Many grads settle for entry-level positions just to get their foot in the door, hoping that some hands-on experience will lead to roles that match their qualifications.

However, recent UBC grad Ashton Louie, landed a role as Marketing Director at GradsLikeMe, a Vancouver-based online career platform for young job seekers, after participating in a subsidized post-secondary employment program.

“Young job seekers are struggling to kickstart their careers,” says Louie, “I was lucky enough to find my job with the help of a local wage subsidy program for BC employers and recent post secondary graduates”

“Subsidy programs and career networks are exactly what grads need to find valuable opportunities, and what businesses need to improve their millennial hiring and make a positive impact on Canada’s employment landscape.”

There are programs like the one that helped Louie out there to help. Local supporter of youth, the YMCA of Greater Vancouver, offers a special program just like Louie’s one for new grads, the Post-Secondary Youth Internship program. This federally funded initiative helps recent graduates secure meaningful employment related to their degree or diploma.

By partnering with local businesses across the Lower Mainland, Y staff negotiate work placements and employers receive financial support when hiring recent graduates. It’s a win-win situation.

To learn more, contact [email protected], 604-685-8066, or visit the YMCA’s website.

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