Wreck Beach named best nude beach in Canada

Dec 19 2017, 4:41 pm

The people at Hotels.com have spoken, and Wreck Beach has been named the best clothing-optional beach in the country.

While many may have never heard of “nakationing” – it’s vacationing for those who like to strip down to nothing – Hotels.com claim it to be a multi-million dollar industry with hundreds of thousands of people looking for clothing-optional destinations to spend their holidays.

And when faced with the age-old question ‘where to go?’, naturists are being directed to Vancouver’s Wreck Beach just steps away from the UBC endowment lands.

“Wreck Beach in Pacific Spirit Regional Park, British Columbia, is the second largest clothing optional beach in North America spanning 7.8 km. Due to its close proximity to UBC College and downtown Vancouver, the beach is easily accessible making it a snap to find a great hotel like the Fairmont Vancouver Airport to stay at. Popular amongst naturists and tourists from countries around the world, the beach brings in over $60 million in tourist revenue annually,” Hotels.com says in a press release.

Without further ado, here are the top five nude beaches in Canada:

1. Wreck Beach – Vancouver, B.C.

2. Hanlan’s Point Beach – Toronto, ON

3. Oka Park – Montreal, QB

4. Crystal Crescent Beach – Halifax, N.S.

5. Beechgrove – Scarborough, ON