Would Boards brings back the beauty of the wood

Dec 19 2017, 8:48 am

Nestled along the shore of Kitsilano in Vancouver, a place where old-growth Redwoods and Hemlocks once stood tall and true, two free-spirited entrepreneurs are changing the way this storied landscape makes its mark on Pacific Northwest coast culture. Would Boards is a newly founded shortboard cruiser company, influenced by the natural beauty and organic strength of Canada’s temperate forests.

Would Boards owners, Joshua Rice and Sherafat Jooyandeh started up shop in early 2013 by repurposing recycled wood; shaping, sanding and tenaciously learning the in’s and outs of skateboarding’s unique identity and past.

Would Boards

“Would puts the emphasis back into the beauty of the wood” says Josh – and it’s evident – just look at these things. The classic surf-style shape makes for a compact footprint and unrivalled maneuverability, coupled with a solid slab design that translates into a tight, cushy ride.

The size and weight of popular longboard design has been replaced with 60’s inspired jive-ability; easily able to dart and weave in and out of busy downtown traffic, or effortlessly kick pushin’ down the boardwalk on a Saturday afternoon.

Would boards Vancouver

These eco-friendly, individually named decks get polished and finished in the apartment of Josh and Shera, their logo branded into the grain of each board; influenced by their mountainous view.

Perhaps the most inviting aspect of riding one of these bad boys, is understanding that each board is hand-crafted, painstakingly laboured over, and exhibits the personalities of not only the unique fingerprint of each wood grain, but the personalities of their creators – this is a labour of love, and it comes through in the smile you’ll wear as you cruise your neighbourhood.

These boards were made for cruisin’, and that’s just what they’ll do.

Peep www.wouldboards.com for more details and a full roster of available Would.

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