The worst intersections in B.C. for red-light tickets

Dec 19 2017, 11:20 pm

It’s those flashing camera lights that always catch our eye as we squeeze through a late yellow light. It’s the tell-tale sign that a traffic ticket will arrive in the mail soon.

As it turns out, there are 25 intersections in B.C. that account for the majority of red-light tickets issued from the 140 cameras installed around the province, and for those regular Vancouver drivers, it is likely you pass through one everyday.

The Vancouver Sun investigated numbers provided from ICBC to determine the number of tickets issued at each red-light camera in the province. What they found was that only 25 intersections accounted for over half of the 93,000 tickets issued between 2012 and 2014.

But The Sun points out their data has definite variables considering that ICBC only runs each camera for six hours a day on a rotating basis, meaning “a red-light camera is as likely to be issuing tickets at 2 a.m. as it is during rush hour.”

Georgia St. and Denman St. intersection is the worst of the lot with 3,902 tickets given for running a red light. All of the top 25 intersections are located in Metro Vancouver.

Top 10 worst intersections for red-light tickets in B.C.

1. Georgia St. and Denman St. (westbound) – 3,902

2. Oak St. and W 57th Ave. (northbound) – 3,852

3. Nordel Way and 84th Ave. (westbound) – 3,172

4. Georgia St. and Cardero St. (eastbound) – 2,853

5. Granville St. and W 49th Ave. (southbound) – 2,475

6. Oak St. and W 33rd Ave. (northbound) – 2,299

7. Dundas St. and Nanaimo St. (eastbound) – 2,293

8. King George Blvd. and 80 Ave. (northbound) – 2,181

9. Burrard St. and Pacific Blvd. (southbound) – 1,920

10. Brunette Ave. and Braid St. (northbound) – 1,869


(H/T to The Vancouver Sun)

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