World’s Best Father: Funny dad & daughter photo series

Dec 19 2017, 7:42 am

First of all, Happy Father’s Day! Secondly, if you were to take this photo series out of context it could very well portray the “world’s worst father.” However, before you start running to your phone to call 911 to report gross negligence and child abuse, if you somehow haven’t already realized, the following are satirical photos.

These images portray a father and daughter duo in comical and unconventional situations; the father is clueless, sleep-deprived, and unsafe around his adorable daughter. Perhaps they’re the real-life versions of Homer and Maggie Simpson?

These creative photos capture Washington, D.C. photographer Dave Engledow and his daughter. We had a pretty good laugh, and we hope you will have the same. To all the “World’s Best Fathers” out there, Happy Father’s Day!


No children were hurt in the making of this photo series.


Photos by Dave Engledow