Top three pre-viral stories: women, intoxication and murder

Dec 19 2017, 9:35 am

Here you will find brief previews of stories on the edge of gaining serious media attention. In these pre-viral files you will find a student from the University of Toronto who is too shy to go to class, and the reason is ridiculous. A new rule from the courts may have you thinking twice about driving your drunk friend home, something that has Mothers Against Drunk Driving quite mad indeed. And finally, remember George Zimmerman? Isn’t he the guy who allegedly murdered that innocent black teen holding Skittles? Why yes, yes he is. Well, George is back and squeezing every drop out of the limelight with his newest debacle, fighting rapper DMX in a celebrity boxing match. Read on, and know the best before the rest in this compilation of world wide what the f—?

1) University of Toronto student “too shy” to attend class full of women

It’s an explosion of sexual politics in Toronto, as another male student has lost his bid to be excused from class without losing marks.

The reason? A room full of women.

Instead of basking in this unprecedented pleasure platform, Daniel Kim, a second-year health science major, succumbed to panic, citing the situation as a “burden.”

He didn’t stay for class that day, or ever. However he continued in the course and asked his professor to waive the 15 per cent earned by class participation and attendance.

She said no.

And he ended up failing the course.

So he made the second biggest mistake of his academic career: bringing attention to his situation and thus cock-blocking himself from himself indefinitely.

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal dismissed his complaint that accuses his professor of discriminating against him as a male and docking him participation marks for not coming to class because he was “too shy to be the only guy.”

Good luck out there in the real world.

2) Don’t drive your drunk friend home, a true story from court

Intoxication is said to release inhibitions, such as role playing. So next time you plan on driving your super intoxicated friend home, ask them if they prefer to lay in the backseat like a dog, or play mafia boss and lock them in the trunk.

Now, if you are injured in a crash caused by a drunken passenger, you may not be covered by your insurance, so it’s best to just abandon them.

Following the recent ruling by the BC Supreme Court (being called a “powerful disincentive” for designated drivers) safe ride programs are a little concerned.

Drivers are not entitled to any compensation though their third party liability coverage if they are hurt in a crash which was caused by a drunk passenger.

The case reflects the perils of a woman who has been denied an $800,000 injury settlement from ICBC after an accident where her intoxicated husband grabbed the steering wheel.

3) George Zimmerman takes his racism to the ring:

George is a man of many talents. In his next episode of “Battle Against the Blacks,” Zimmerman is exchanging the court room for a boxing ring.

In the name of all things current and controversial, he’ll be stepping up to fight rapper DMX.

Take that in for a second, and think about the world we live in. A man who was accused of murder is about to appear on television, make money, and box a 90’s rap star.

Surprise! The celebrity boxing match was actually Zimmerman’s brilliant idea, as boxing is one of his many passions, alongside murder and long walks on the beach.

Apparently 8,000 people requested to fight Zimmerman, who was recently acquitted of the second-degree murder of teen, Trayvon Martin.

According to gossip news website TMZ, DMX declared: “I am going to beat the living f**k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up.”

Whatever makes good television, right?