Woman wins lottery for the THIRD time, reveals her winning strategy

Jul 6 2022, 8:48 pm

A woman in Maryland must have a ton of lucky horseshoes hanging in her house after winning the lottery for the third time.

That’s right, a stay-at-home mother living with her family in a small town in the state is a lottery luck magnet, striking it big with three wins of at least $100,000 in the last five years, including a $100,000 scratch-off ticket win last month.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw how much I’d won,” she told Maryland Lottery officials in a release on its website. “I immediately called my husband and said, ‘We did it again.’”

When pressed about her extraordinary run of luck, the 30-year-old replied with one word – research.

“My husband and I do the work on your website,” she explained to Lottery officials. “We figure out which scratch-off games have been on sale for a long time but still have a lot of big-money prizes.”

This method led her to the $100,000 Lucky game when she stopped at a convenience store and gas station in Mardela Springs.

The winner admitted that, despite the research behind her selection of her lucky game, pure luck and pure superstition led her to the store where she purchased her ticket.

“I knew that they sold a big ticket a few weeks ago,” she said. “I hoped that there was still some luck hanging around there.”

As for the prize money, the wildly lucky woman says she’s going to put it all in the bank for her kids.

“This money, as was the case with our other big wins, will be there for our children. We’re taking good care of it.”

Despite winning multiple times, the shock of such a big win still hits: “Are you kidding? This is as crazy as it was the other times. It’s unbelievable!”

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